DeepCool PN650D ATX v3.1 PSU Review

The DeepCool PN650D is a non-modular PSU, since it is budget-oriented. It uses a platform by Channel Well Technology, with codename GPW. This is an ATX v3.1 compliant power supply, able to

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While DeepCool’s PN-M line uses CWT’s GPX platform, which is below CSZ in terms of cost and performance, the PN-D line uses a more cost-effective CWT platform named GPW. Despite its budget orientation, the GPW platform is ATX v3.1 compliant, meaning it can deliver double its power for a short period (0.1ms).

The DeepCool PN650D is Cybenetics Gold (efficiency) and Standard++ (noise) rated, and it doesn’t feature any modular cables to restrict the production cost. Its cooling handles a rifle-bearing fan by Martech, a not-so-popular fan manufacturer, and its dimensions are compact, thanks to the 140mm depth. I couldn’t find any information on its price tag, but I assume it will be within the $70-$80 range. I hope it is even lower, but this won’t be realistic since ATX v3.1 PSUs are more expensive than the previous generation ones.

Technical Specifications:
  • Manufacturer (OEM): Channel Well Technology
  • Max Power: 650W
  • Cybenetics Efficiency: [115V] Cybenetics Gold (87-89%) [230V] Cybenetics Gold (89-91%)
  • 80 Plus Efficiency: Gold
  • Noise [115V]: Cybenetics Standard++ (30-35 dB[A])
  • Compliance: ATX12V v3.1, EPS 2.92
  • Operating Temperature (Continuous Full Load): 0 – 50°C
  • Alternative Low Power Mode support: Yes
  • Power 12V combined: 648W
  • Number of 12V rails: 1
  • Power 5V + 3.3v: 100W
  • Power 5VSB: 15W
  • Cooling: 120mm Rifle Bearing Fan (DF1202512SEHN)
  • Semi-Passive Operation: ✗
  • Modular Design: ✗
  • High Power Connectors: 2x EPS (1x cable), 3x PCIe 6+2 pin (2x cables),  1x PCIe 12+4 pin (450W)
  • Peripheral Connectors: 6x SATA (2x cables), 2x 4-pin Molex (2x cables)
  • ATX Cable Length: 550mm
  • EPS Cable Length: 730mm + 150mm
  • 6+2 pin PCIe Cable Length: 590mm + 120mm
  • 12+4 pin PCIe Cable Length: 590mm
  • Distance between SATA / 4-pin Molex: 120mm
  • In-cable capacitors: No
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 150 mm x 85 mm x 140mm
  • Weight: 1.87 kg (4.12 lb)
  • Warranty: ten-years
  • MSRP (excluding VAT): $70 (estimated)

Power Specifications

Rail 3.3V 5V 12V 5VSB -12V
Max. Power Amps 20 20 62.5 3 0.3
Watts 100 648 15 3.6
Total Max. Power (W) 650
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