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You will find the best ATX v3.x & PCIe 5.x Ready PSU Picks 2024 in this article. PSUs compatible with the most recent ATX v3.x specs are way more expensive than the ones meeting the requirements of the previous ATX specs. You will probably wonder whether you should invest in them or buy an older-generation PSU and save money. Although none of today’s graphics cards has high enough power spikes to justify the demanding ATX v3.x requirements for power excursions, as it calls them, no one knows what the future GPUs will bring. You can read more on the ATX v3.0 specification in this article. We also have an English section on our Discord server if you have any questions.

The newer ATX v3.1 and PCIe 5.1 standards are already in effect. Since the significant difference between ATX v3.0 and 3.1 is mainly in the connector, from 12VHPWR to 12V-2×6, with the high-power cables remaining the same, I expect most ATX v3.0 PSUs to get slight updates for ATX v3.1 compatibility. A downside of the ATX v3.1 spec is that it allows for a lower hold-up time, from 17ms (ATX v3.0) to 12 ms.

An article that contains everything you need to know:

Will my ATX v3.0 PSU or my GPU be compatible with 12V-2×6? Do I need a new cable/PSU/GPU? Everything you need to know!

Another interesting article if you are wondering whether you should get an ATX v3.0 or a v3.1 PSU:

Should I get an ATX v3.1 PSU, or will an ATX v3.0 be fine? Everything you need to know!

Update Date Changes
28 March 2024 Updated all categories.
27 March 2024 Updated the 1001-1250W category.
6 March 2024 Layout changes to make it easier to read the article.
12 February 2024 A new category was added comparing ALL ATX v3.x PSUs, regardless of their Wattage.
30 January 2024 Updated 1001-1250W and above 1250W categories.
30 December 2023 Updated all categories.
16 November 2023 Updated some entries and included tables with the three best units in each category.
1 November 2023 Updated all categories with new entries and threw out some low-performance PSUs.
22 October 2023 A paragraph was added to the prologue mentioning the ATX v3.1 and PCIe 5.1 CEM standards.
15 September 2023 Added the following:

  • 1st Player NGDP 1000W
  • Super Flower Leadex VII XP 1000W
  • High Power HP1-021000GD-F14C
28 August 2023 Added the following:

  • be quiet! Dark Power Pro 13 1600
  • Corsair HX1500i
  • Deepcool PX1300P
  • Super Flower Leadex Titanium 1600W
  • XPG Fusion 1600
11 June 2023 Added Cougar Polar X2 1050/1200 & Pichau Nidus 1200
10 June 2023 Added Super Flower Leadex VII Gold 850 & Cougar GEX X2 850
16 May 2023 Removed Vetroo 1000G5 after user reports on coil whine.
Two essential things that PSUs need to have to be our best picks are to be available on the market and excel in terms of performance and reliability. Their build quality should also be the best possible, depending on their price.

I will include affiliate links for the products we recommend. You don’t pay more using these affiliate links, but you help us keep this site alive and kicking! We also have a Patreon page if you want to support us.

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526 thoughts on “Best ATX v3.x & PCIe 5.x Ready PSU Picks 2024 – Hardware Busters

  1. Hi, i just don’t understand what the Overall Performance means in that subject ? Since Efficiency is already in there i don’t get it…

    1. Overall performance takes into account ALL major aspects in a PSU, from load regulation and ripple, to efficiency and transient response.

  2. Allright funky one : Why the PSU high end market doesn’t offer the possibility of managing the power supply of our screens and thus benefit a little more from their efficiency. with double or triple screens becoming usual and drawing more and more pixels this seems like a good idea? with few ports on the back next to the input and little plastic protection when not used and all good!

    I’m also sad you don’t have any test of the FSP Hydro Ti Pro 850W but since i might wait for the atx3.1 and pci 5.1 i don’t care that much 🙂

  3. Hello Aris,
    After checking out your articles about atx 3.x, I can’t help but feel a bit frustrated as I got a Prime PX1600 atx 3.0 PSU and need to get another 1200+ watts atx 3.x for my brother’s build.
    It costs quite a penny and now I just feel like it will need to be upgraded for the next GPUs that will have the 12V-2×6 sockets. I’m just speculating, but by then the PSU maufacturers will update (AGAIN) their lineup to have that connector on their PSUs. Is there something I’m missing in order to circumvent that ? Or just change PSUs and sink another 800+ bucks in just a year for the two PCs?

    Also, you mention that the change from 3.0 to 3.1, wont be beneficial unless you have both a 3.1 PSU and 3.1 gpu. I found this news regarding Seasonic releasing a “12v-2×6” cable:×6-angled-power-invites-rtx-40-owners-to-test-it
    Any opinion on it? Is it just some marketing stuff so that they dont update their PSU boards?

    Thanks a lot for your help and greatly appreciate your work!

    PS: I initially wanted to go with the cybercore II 1300w or the MSI AI1300P, but the XPG wasn’t available and the MSI’s 24pin would never click on the mobo (almost impossible to get it flush, almost broke the mobo pcb, and extremely hard to pull out, I had to use a flathead screwdriver to seperate it) so I returned it. Is it normal or I just had a faulty cable ?

    1. The fact is that the PSU’s connector rarely creates issues, whether it is 12VHPWR or 12V-2×6. You won’t have any issues if you have the respective cable connected properly (all the way into the socket). The problem was mainly with the graphics cards. So, I wouldn’t worry much about the PSU.

  4. Hi Aris!
    I have a Corsair Rm550x PSU back from 2018 that is currently powering a Ryzen 5 5600 and GTX 1060 GPU. I am looking at upgrading to an RTX 4070 Super or an RX 7900 GRE, and possibly upgrading the CPU also to a 5800x3d at a later date.
    Do you think the Rm550x is still ok if I am only using the pc for gaming at 1440p, or is it time for an upgrade? If so, what PSUs would you reccomend?

  5. Hello Aris!
    I am upgrading my CPU and GPU to a Ryzen 5800x3d and an RX 7800XT respectively. Currently I have a Corsair Rm550x PSU from my previous build. Will it be enough if I am only using the pc for gaming at 1440p or is it time to upgrade the PSU too and if so what PSUs do you recommend?

  6. hello!
    In Korea, many people understand that pcie 5.1 is a socket on the graphics card of the motherboard. But in the content, we are all talking about power cables. Can I use pcie 5.0 as it is for the motherboard?

      1. The Korean community says that PCie 5.0 on the motherboard changes to 5.1
        So the motherboard of PCie 5.0 on sale becomes useless when it changes to 5.1.
        But it seems to me that the motherboard has nothing to do with this issue and only needs to change the power.

  7. FSP’s line of PSUs seems to be about to get replaced if Amazon stock is any indicator. All models are starting to run low and prices have dropped.

    Got a FSP Hydro Ti Pro for USD 255, that’s pretty good!

  8. ZHONGYUAN POWER GX850 is south korea(ABKO ULTIMATE GX850 and darkflash UPT 850W)or china thetmaltake GF1 850 ATX3.0

  9. Would love to see you check out the Antec NeoECO NE1000G M or NE1300G M. From what I can find they seem to be a Helly OEM design (according to johnnylucky’s PSU database), and the psu seem rather interesting. I’ve been tempted to pick one up, but have been unsure about it over the Seasonic Vertex GX-1000W considering it’s been on sale. They are around similar price points. If it is indeed a Helly design PSU, would it in theory perform similar to something like the NGDP 1000W? From what I could find, It has a FDB fan with no Ball bearings from Yate Loon. The cables are all 16awg except the sata, and Molex cables which are 18.

  10. Between the seasonic vertex platinum 1200W and super flower leadex vii 1300w, which would you go with? Primary concern is ripple and transients. Adding it to a 4090+7700x build

    Would love the seasonic tx 1300W but it’s just too pricey, unless you think it’d be worth saving for. Currently have an evga 1000 g3 with the atx adapter to get me by.

  11. Was looking on the Cybenetics PSU list for ATX 3.1 and stumbled upon a brand which I’ve never heard of: BoosBoxx. Any thoughts on their power supplies. In particular the PB1000P. Thanks !

  12. Trying to order a 90-degree 12vhpwr by 2x 8pin PCI-e cable to connect an Nvidia FE 4080 Super GPU and a Super Flower Leadex VII XG 850 PSU.

    Cable mod makes a 90-degree cable that is compatible with a Super Flower Leadex III PSU. Are the 8pin PCI-e connectors on the Leadex VII pinned the same as on the Leadex III ?

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