Noctua NH-D12L Review – Compact & Expensive

Noctua is well known for its top-notch air cooling solutions. The NH-D12L is the an all-black version of the NH-D12L model, featuring a single 120mm fan for good performance and low noise output. 

The NH-D12L is an all-black version of Noctua’s NH-D12L low-height 120mm class CPU cooler, developed to combine quiet cooling performance with increased case compatibility. Measuring only 145mm in height, it is 13mm lower than Noctua’s regular 120mm models. But how does this reduction in height affect performance? You will soon find out in this review.

The cooler’s heatsink follows the dual-tower design and uses five heatpipes to remove the heat from the block. The single fan is an NF-A12x25r, which is enough to handle increased thermal loads. Because of the single fan and the asymmetrical fin stacks, the NH-D12L has increased RAM compatibility, supporting all popular Intel sockets along with the AMD AM4 and AM5 ones.

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Technical Specifications:
  • Model name: NH-D12L
  • Color: Black
  • Socket Support Intel: LGA1851, LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1151, LGA1150
  • Socket Support AMD: AM5/AM4
  • Cold Plate Material: Copper
  • Cooling Fins: Aluminium
  • Height (with fan): 145 mm
  • Width (with fan): 125 mm
  • Depth (with fan): 113 mm
  • Weight (with fan): 890 g
  • Fan Models: NF-A12x25r
  • Fan MTTF: ≧ 150,000 hrs
  • Bearing Type: SSO2
  • Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 26.8 mm
  • Fan ARGB: x
  • Fan Daisy Chain: x
  • Fan Speed: 2000 RPM ±10%
  • Fan Airflow: 60.1 CFM
  • Fan Air Pressure: 2.34 mm-H2O
  • Fan Input Power (max): 1.68W
  • Fan Cable Length: 20cm
  • Max Noise Output: 22.6 dB(A)
  • Fan Connector: 4-pin
  • Street Price (excl. VAT): $100
  • Warranty: 6 years
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4 thoughts on “Noctua NH-D12L Review – Compact & Expensive

  1. Why are you comparing a fan CPU cooler to AIO liquid coolers. Not really a fair comparison and not really useful to the consumers. Comparing the Noctura DH-12L to a Be quiet Dark Rock cooler is a better comparison.

      1. Third, it is a CPU Cooler after all 😊…
        However, if it’s not too bothersome… you can put different colors for AIO and Air to satisfy some readers.
        By the way, …do you have in your schedule to review ThermalRight PS 120/120EVO?
        I believe, it can level or beat Arctic LF (maybe even with its promo-price) in Performance Per Price ratio.

  2. Noctua is just one of the apples of the PC world, brand recognition but only make overpriced barely passable gear, some of their fans here in AU are like $70 each, for fkn fans, they are an uppity brand that doesn’t deserve the adoration they get.

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