XPG Core Reactor II 1200W PSU Review – Platinum > Gold

Average Noise

The average noise output is high, so better look at the PSU’s noise map to check what is happening.

Fan Noise & Speed Maps @ 28-32 °C

[115V] At up to 630W, the PSU’s noise is below 6 dBA since the fan’s speed is below 400 RPM. At around 840W, the fan’s noise exceeds 20 dBA, and the 30 dBA mark is passed at 930W. At 1000W, the noise exceeds 35 dBA; at 1060W, it exceeds 40 dBA; and at close to full load, the PSU enters the 45-50 dBA noise. So, despite the high average noise output, the PSU is silent at loads of up to 840W.

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