XPG Core Reactor II 1200W PSU Review – Platinum > Gold

Transient Response

20% Load – 20ms

Voltage Before After Change Pass/Fail
12V 12.067V 11.952V 0.95% Pass
5V 5.043V 4.959V 1.67% Pass
3.3V 3.356V 3.238V 3.52% Pass
5VSB 5.028V 4.966V 1.24% Pass

50% Load -20ms

Voltage Before After Change Pass/Fail
12V 12.043V 11.971V 0.60% Pass
5V 5.039V 4.952V 1.72% Pass
3.3V 3.352V 3.229V 3.68% Pass
5VSB 5.015V 4.960V 1.10% Pass

The transient response is good on all rails, especially at 12V, where it matters the most.

Transient Response ATX v3.x Tests

The PSU passes all ATX v3.0 transient response tests. However, I don’t want to see below 3.2V at the 3.3V rail. CWT should beef up the respective VRM.

The 12V rail performs pretty well in the ATX v3.x transient response tests.

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