Gamemax RGB-1050 Pro – 4.5 stars on Amazon!

The Gamemax RGB-1050 Pro has a 4.5 stars average review score on, with close to 7000 reviews, so it triggered my interest to review it and see if it is good enough as a PSU, or it would be better if you invested on another model. 

The Gamemax RGB-1050 Pro is included in my best ATX v3.x & PCIe 5.x PSU picks article.

I know that many of you don’t trust the reviews posted by plain users on popular electronic shops like Amazon, but the fact is that these reviews affect many people’s decisions before they buy a product. When you see a product with a 4.5 (out of five) star average score with close to 7000 reviews, it is only natural to assume that this is a good product that made almost everyone who bought it happy, so why not buy one, too? This is a tricky question, and in this review, I will find out whether the Gamemax RGB-1050 Pro is as good as it promises.

This is an easy and lame way to get 5-star reviews on Amazon quickly and effortlessly, so beware of Amazon reviews! They don’t always depict the full picture of a product! Note in the photo above that the email address is not an official one to not draw much attention! These are tactics that only shade brands would employ, and basically, they are pushing you to be a part of their scam. Are you sure you want to get such products? Just think about the level of support you will have if you base your purchase on “fake” Amazon reviews; you are also a victim of this scam, so don’t fall for it for $20!

This unit is certified by Cybenetics, meaning it had to pass some strict tests to take the respective badges. Buying a unit that an independent certification agency has tested is always wise. Still, it would be best to keep in mind that certification reports are not reviews, meaning that a certifications agency cannot act as a review site, officially expressing its opinion about a product or comparing it with similar spec products. Certifications are given when products meet specific criteria. Although Cybenetics runs way more tests than the ones required for certification purposes, it still cannot include everything in the report. This is why we have sites like HWbusters, which can deliver detailed reviews on various products and offer opinions and comparisons.

Technical Specifications:
  • Manufacturer (OEM): Jiu Meng
  • Max Power: 1050W
  • Cybenetics Efficiency: [115V] Cybenetics Platinum (89-91%)
  • 80 Plus Efficiency: Gold
  • Noise [115V]: Cybenetics A- (25-30 dB[A])
  • Compliance: ATX v3.0, EPS 2.92
  • Operating Temperature (Continuous Full Load): 0 – 50 °C
  • Alternative Low Power Mode support: Yes
  • Power 12V combined: 984W
  • Number of 12V rails: 1
  • Power 5V + 3.3v: 125W
  • Power 5VSB: 12.5W
  • Cooling: 140mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan (No info)
  • Semi-Passive Operation: ✗
  • Modular Design: Yes (Fully)
  • High Power Connectors: 2x EPS (2x cables), 4x PCIe 6+2 pin (3x cables), 1x PCIe 12+4 pin (600W)
  • Peripheral Connectors: 10x SATA (3x cables), 3x 4-pin Molex (2x cables), 1x FDD (single cable)
  • ATX Cable Length: 650mm
  • EPS Cable Length: 700mm
  • 6+2 pin PCIe Cable Length: 550mm
  • 12+4 pin PCIe Cable Length: 600mm
  • Distance between SATA\4-pin Molex: 150mm
  • In-cable capacitors: No
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 150 mm x 85 mm x 170mm
  • Weight: 1.56 kg (3.44 lb)
  • Warranty: 5-years
  • Street price (excluding VAT): $140

Power Specifications

Rail 3.3V 5V 12V 5VSB -12V
Max. Power Amps 25 25 99.9 2.5 0.5
Watts 125 984 12.5 6
Total Max. Power (W) 1050
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6 thoughts on “Gamemax RGB-1050 Pro – 4.5 stars on Amazon!

  1. It woulb be nice if you can review the top of the line version, their 1300W. At 149$ USD and with the look … many jump on it too with 6,862 review 4.5 Stars.

  2. I should point out that Gamemax has done promotions in the past where they would offer gift cards in exchange for five-star reviews on Amazon, which dampens their credibility somewhat. Also, given that Jiu Meng is the manufacturer behind Aresgame, if this is a sample from the company and not a unit you bought yourself I am doubtful that what a consumer would get would be the same as what is shown here. Regardless, it’s good to see that they are at least capable of making a good PSU. Thanks for the review as always!

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