Super Flower Leadex VII Gold 1300W (SF-1300F14XG) PSU Review

Protection Features

OCP (Cold @ 26°C)

12V: 150.6A (139.06%), 11.997V
5V: 26A (130%), 5.049V
3.3V: 26.3A (131.5%), 3.333V
5VSB: 5.2A (173.33%), 5.038V

OCP (Hot @ 41°C)

12V: 150.8A (139.24%), 11.992V
5V: 25.1A (125.5%), 5.055V
3.3V: 25.1A (125.5%), 3.336V
5VSB: 5A (166.67%), 5.04V

OPP (Cold @ 28°C)

1791.43W (137.80%)

OPP (Hot @ 43°C)

1658.82W (127.60%)


✓ (154°C @ 12V Heat Sink)


12V to Earth: ✓
5V to Earth: ✓
3.3V to Earth: ✓
5VSB to Earth: ✓
-12V to Earth: ✓


Proper operation



Surge: MOV
Inrush: NTC Thermistor & Bypass relay

OCP at 12V is set higher than 135%, which I consider a safe limit for a high-quality PSU. Nonetheless, I didn’t notice any load regulation or ripple issues. Over power protection is set correctly, and I like that the OPP limit drops below 130% at high temperatures.

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