Nvidia’s Tank Container

Driver updates and updates, in general, might be a bit challenging sometimes. Lately, there are many examples of tricky updates by almost every major or minor vendor. Nvidia’s latest (531.18) update is a recent example. Gamers that installed this update noticed high CPU usage, which in some cases was over 10%, with reports of over 15%. This seems to happen after exiting a game, and it is said that Nvidia Container is to blame. Some users noticed it even after logging into a game. Nvidia stated that it is aware of the bug and will release a hotfix soon.

Nvidia Control Panel and Image Settings

Shortly after AMD’s official admittance that there was a severe bug with its latest update that may even brick Windows Installation, it was time for the green team to acknowledge an issue (again). If you notice the bug, you should roll back to the previous driver’s version or end the task through the Windows task manager. I would personally prefer the rollback option. Moreover, you can restart your PC if you want to. It might be the simplest thing to do. As an owner of a GTX1070Ti, I overlooked this issue. But I noticed NV Control Panel missing the exit option in the taskbar (Windows 11) and high stuttering in Mortal Kombat XL when in auto-config. This doesn’t seem to be the case with the previous version.

When this article is published, a newer hotfix is on its way to address this issue. It is expected to be released on March 7. So, it might be best to wait and install the latest update when it is available. Updates might be tricky, but when a hotfix of an issue is available is always good news. So, Game on.

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