Super Flower Leadex VII Gold 1300W (SF-1300F14XG) PSU Review

Part Analysis

General Data
Manufacturer (OEM) Super Flower
PCB Type Double-Sided
Primary Side
Transient Filter 4x Y caps, 3x X caps, 2x CM chokes, 1x MOV
Inrush Protection NTC Thermistor SCK-0512 (5 Ohm) & Relay
Bridge Rectifier(s)
2x Shindengen U30K80R (800V, 30A @ 100°C)
3x Infineon IPA60R120P7 (600V, 16A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 0.12Ohm) &
1x Syncpower SPN5003 FET (for reduced no-load consumption)
APFC Boost Diode
1x STMicroelectronics STTH12R06 (600V, 12A @ 125°C)
Bulk Cap(s)
1x Rubycon (450V, 800uF, 3,000h @ 105°C, MXT)
Main Switchers
4x Infineon IPB50R140CP (550V, 15A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 0.14Ohm)
APFC Controller
On Semiconductor NCP153A
Resonant Controller S9602
Primary side: APFC, Full-Bridge & LLC converter
Secondary side: Synchronous Rectification & DC-DC converters
Secondary Side
+12V MOSFETs 16x Vishay SiRA54DP (40V, 60A @ 70°C, Rds(on): 2.35mOhm)
5V & 3.3V DC-DC Converters: 4x Alpha & Omega AON6516 (30V, 25A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 5mOhm)
PWM Controller(s): ANPEC APW7073
Filtering Capacitors Electrolytic:
5x Nippon Chemi-Con (105°C, W)
5x Nippon Chemi-Con (6-10,000h @ 105°C, KZM)
8x Nippon Chemi-Con (1-2,000h @ 105°C, KMG)
1x Nippon Chemi-Con (2-5,000h @ 105°C, KZE)Polymer: 26x Nippon Chem-Con
Supervisor IC JTC113
Fan Model ZIC ZFF142512D (140mm, 12V, 0.65A, Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan)
5VSB Circuit
1x PFC PFR20L60CT SBR (60V, 20A)
Standby PWM Controller 29604

The major differences with the 1000W model are the primary FETs, which are stronger in the 1300W model, the larger bulk cap (800uF vs. 680uF), and the larger amount of FETs for the regulation of the 12V rail (6x Vishay vs. 8x Infineon). The electrolytic filtering capacitors are the same. The 1300W model uses the same brand of polymer caps with a slight difference in the number(26x vs. 25x). Lastly, SF used the same cooling fan in this unit, which is strong enough to meet the increased thermal loads. Overall, the build quality is high, and SF also used top-notch parts to ensure reliability through time. I don’t have any information on the FDB fan since I haven’t met it before in another PSU brand, but from the testing experience, it looks to be good enough, not as good, though, as Hong Hua fans with similar specs.

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