Super Flower Leadex Titanium ATX v3.0 1600W PSU Review


Super Flower had a great base to work with, the Leadex platform, and with some small changes and lots of tuning achieved to deliver a high-performance power supply that can withstand any operating condition you apply. Besides high reliability,  the Leadex Titanium 1600 also meets all ATX v3.0 and PCIe 5.0 requirements, achieving top transient performance. This is the best performer when it comes to transient response in the mega-wattage category. My only problem is with the huge dimensions and the increased noise output. For the first, only a new design from scratch can be the solution, but for the latter, things are easier. SF needs to work on a new fan speed profile with more stages and not the almost off-to-full speed that the current fan profile applies, leading to extremely average noise output. Finding and implementing the ideal fan speed profile, which allows for low noise while it doesn’t jeopardize the PSU’s reliability, needs lots of work. Still, it is definitely easier than making a new platform from scratch.

At 115V the PSU achieves Titanium efficiency in the Cybenetics scale, but at 230V, it drops to Silver (!) because of the increased vampire power (standby mode). This is something that won’t concern most users, but still, all PSUs need to have as low as possible power consumption at standby because, in this mode, they don’t deliver anything, so all the power they receive goes to waste. It is not hard for SF to fix this issue, so in the near future, we should expect the upgraded version of this platform to achieve Titanium at 230V, too.

If you are after a top-performing unit and you don’t have a problem with the increased noise at high loads (>940W) and the stiff cables, which will give you a tough time during the PSU installation, and given that you have a huge chassis to accommodate a 225mm (in length) PSU, the Super Flower Leadex Titanium 1600W is a solid choice. This platform has a proven reliability track record since the EVGA 1600 T2/P2/G2 were the favorite mining PSUs, and it is actually set lower than what it can deliver, at 1600W max power. This is why I am not worried about the high OPP triggering point at 2330W. If an almost nine-year-old design is capable of such high performance, I wonder what SF’s engineers could do if they made a new Leadex platform from scratch.


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  • Decent price given its performance and specs
  • Reliable platform, proven during the mining crazyness
  • Delivered full power at 47°C
  • High performance
  • Efficient
  • ATX v3.0 and PCIe 5.0 ready
  • Top transient response
  • Tight load regulation
  • Good ripple suppression at 12V
  • Quality parts used
  • High enough PF readings
  • Long hold-up time
  • Alternative Low Power Mode (ALPM) compatible
  • Fully modular
  • 12+2 pin PCIe connector (600W)
  • Vast amount of connectors and cables
  • Ten-year warranty
  • Not so efficient 5VSB rail
  • Ripple suppression needs improvement on the minor rails
  • Increased vampire power (especially at 230V)
  • High inrush currents
  • Stiff cables with some of them having in-line caps
  • Huge dimensions
  • Mediocre soldering quality in my sample
  • Small distance between the peripheral connectors (100mm)



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2 thoughts on “Super Flower Leadex Titanium ATX v3.0 1600W PSU Review

  1. Super Flower Leadex Titanium ATX v3.0 1600W PSU

    I cannot find a Super Flower Leadex Titanium 1600W PSU that also denotes it as ATX v3.0 compatible.
    I’ve seen ones with a box exactly as you depict in this review (which also does not say ATX v3.0 on it anywhere), with everything the same except without the 600W PCIe 5.0 / Gen 5 12VHPWR PSU Cable. I have seen that cable available separately however and it states it is compatible with the Leadex 1600W Titanium.

    I think the only Super Flower PSU’s I’ve seen that denote ATX v3.0 on them are the Leadex VII XG’s.

    So I am a bit confused. Can you clarify the ATX v3.0 compatibility of this unit?

    Thank you for all your testing and posting it for us to review!

  2. Great review as always, thank you aris.

    I wonder what happened to the digital psu platform that Superflower showed way back during Computex 2015, it was never mentioned again outside of that event.

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