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You will find the best ATX v3.0 & PCIe 5.0 Ready PSU Picks 2023 in this article. PSUs compatible with the most recent ATX v3.0 spec are way more expensive than the ones meeting the requirements of the previous ATX spec, so you will probably wonder whether you should invest in them or just buy an older generation PSU and save money. Although none of today’s graphics cards has high enough power spikes to justify the tough ATX v3.0 requirements for power excursions, as it calls them, no one knows what the future GPUs will bring. You can read more on the ATX v3.0 specification in this article. We also have an English section in our discord server if you have any questions.

Update Date Changes
16 May 2023 Removed Vetroo 1000G5 after user reports on coil whine
10 June 2023 Added Super Flower Leadex VII Gold 850 & Cougar GEX X2 850
11 June 2023 Removed Seasonic Vertex units after user reports on coil whine

Added Cougar Polar X2 1050/1200 & Pichau Nidus 1200

28 August 2023 Added the following:

  • be quiet! Dark Power Pro 13 1600
  • Corsair HX1500i
  • Deepcool PX1300P
  • Super Flower Leadex Titanium 1600W
  • XPG Fusion 1600
15 September 2023 Added the following:

  • 1st Player NGDP 1000W
  • Aresgame AGT1000
  • Super Flower Leadex VII XP 1000W
  • High Power HP1-021000GD-F14C

There are two essential things that PSUs need to be added to our best picks to be available on the market and excel in terms of performance and reliability. Their build quality should also be the best possible, given their price tag.

I will put some affiliate links for the products that we will recommend. You don’t pay more using these affiliate links, but you help us keep this site alive and kicking! We also have a Patreon page, should you want to support us.

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310 thoughts on “Best ATX v3.0 & PCIe 5.0 Ready PSU Picks 2023 – Hardware Busters

  1. “Hydro Ti Pro 1000W” When can we buy this product? In the EU it is invisible… I see it only a few Chinese webpage…. Do we have any information?

      1. It’s April now and release is still one or two months away. Wait for this, or go with the Asus? Your review for the Asus 850w was good, but the one for the FSP TI was full of praise. What do you think? And thanks!

          1. Fair enough, thanks for replying. It is true that the large delay to launch made me wonder if FSP has issues scaling the production, or getting to reasonable price.

            OK, I’ll look for further reviews of the Asus ROG 1000w, and see if there are any issues reported on reddit. If not, then I have a plan 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. Where’s the Thermaltake Toughpower SFX 1000W fit in with the SFX/SFX-L PSUs?
    Thank you!
    Great site BTW! I really like your content!

  3. What does “overall performance” means? I am hesitating between buying the Rm1200x Shift or waiting for the Leadex VII. Thanks!

  4. I am debating between the Seasonic Vertex GX 1000 and the ROG Strix Aura 1000 because I want an ATX 3.0 PSU for the next 5 years. Availability is quite poor where I am but I think these are the two best ones I can actually buy inside the next month when I need a new PSU. The Dark Power 13 is around but a little more expensive and I’m not sure why it has switchable rails. The Thermaltake GF3 seems abnormally loud. The Shift won’t suit my case. Everything else in the list is either impossible to get or at a silly premium.

    I figure the Seasonic is slightly more efficient than the Asus but slightly louder, albeit to a level probably irrelevant. The Asus is much nicer looking in my opinion. Is the Dark Power worth an extra 30 Euros? Are they all equally as good besides this or would you have a preference?

    1. The Asus unit offers high performance and dead silent operation, so if you find it at a similar price level with the GX-1000, I think you should prefer it.
      The be quiet DP 13 deserves 30 euros more only if you want the best efficiency.

      1. The Seasonic seems quite a bit more efficient than the Asus, especially at lower loads looking at those graphs. Do you have extra weight in the factor for how quiet a PSU is?

        I wouldn’t mind spending more on the Dark Power 13, only to be put off somewhat reading about possibly faulty units with buzzing fans. I don’t know if you have heard anything about that. There is a thread about it on

        1. My Dark Power Pro 12 1200W has a loud rrrrrrrr fan at idle which is infuriating.

          I’m on my 2nd RMA unit which sounds even worse than the first one. From what I’ve read, the 13 series is affected too in what seems like “standard design”.

  5. What would you recommand for a High tier PSU 1000W ATX 3.0 and PCI 5.0 including connector for RTX4090 series?

    I was looking at the Seasonic GX-1000 or the MSI MEG A1000i, do you have other to recommand with similar pricing?

  6. I have a Lian Li Dynamic Mini with a 4090 and a 7950x, z73 Kracken AIO, USB monitor and a whole lot of RGB. Best suggestion for an SFX / SFX-L that could work?

  7. Hey Aris! I’ve been following you website for a couple weeks because I’m building a new PC. I’m planning on Ryzen 7900 CPU + RTX 4070 TI. I’m doing my best to figure it out what could be the best PSU option. Currenly trying to decide between NZXT C1200 gold (thinking in future GPU upgrades, maybe RXT 5000), Corsair Shift RM1200 and MSI MPG A1000G. The Thermaltake’s GF3 1000W sounds like a noisy but good option and the Seasonic Vertex is more expensive and currently unavailable for shipments to my country.

    If you have any recommendation I would be so grateful for it. Thank you very much for your job testing all these PSUs!

  8. You only have measurements for fan noise.
    I hear that the Thermaltake SFX 850W has high coil whine during gaming.
    Is that true or it was only for the initial batches?

    1. I also check for coil whine and if I notice something, I mention it in the reviews. Coil whine can noticed in problematic PSUs or in a combination with some specific hardware.

  9. Hey Aris,

    When will you do a comparison and review of the Seasonic vertex gx-1200 ? Have you done any internal testing with it? Is it looking like a good contender for 80+ gold ATX 3.0 unit? Or are other brands better this time around.

    Thanks for the hard work as always.

  10. Thanks for this awesome article. Really helping me to decide on my new psu.

    Which psu would be your pick from Montech Titan Gold 1000w, TT GF3 1000w & Corsair Shift 1000w?
    Currently Montech is going for 160$, TT GF3 for 180$ & Corsair Shift for 202$? Is it worth spending the extra bucks for the Shift psu?
    Montech Titan seems like a bit better overall than the GF3 but isn’t talked abt much at all.
    Thanks again.

    1. I would go for the Montech. It uses the same platform with the TT GF3. For the Shift, it is only worth the extra money if you need the side-mounted modular board.

  11. Would you recommend going for PCIE 5.0 ready psu for a new build? In my country they are well over 175€ for the 850w models (cheapest one on the list RMx Shift at 175€ 850w and 170€ for 750w), while an ATX 2.0 PSU 850w with good tier in cultist network (RMe, Core reactor, Aorus GP-AP, etc) is around 100€.

    Is it worth the premium in price? Or getting an ATX 2.0 for some years and then swapping it when prices are more reasonable is a better option?


    1. For that price difference, it is tough to recommend an ATX v3.0 PSU. Nonetheless, you will probably keep the PSU for more than five years, and you won’t have to rely on problematic adapters if you decide to use a GPU requiring 12VHPWR, so personally I would make the jump to an ATX v3.0 PSU.

  12. Hello! Great write-up.
    Do you have a schedule to review the ATX3.0 MSI MPG A-G Series? We’re a supplier and are seeing huge demand due to the MSI Cashback scheme as well as their MSI Review scheme.

      1. Hi, are these msi models different from the 1000w one you reviewed last year on Tomshardware? The price is quite competitive for the MSI MPG A850G with the refund, but if it is not really ATX 3.0 compatible it may not be worth it. Thanks

        1. The MSI MPG A850G PCIe 5.0 if this is what you want to know about, has some changes to be ATX v3.0 ready. I haven’t checked them yet, though, to see if the pass all tests.

  13. I was trying to wait for the Seasonic Vertex PX-1200. Would you expect this supply to be in the top tier compared to the GX? And any information on when you expect these to begin releasing?

    1. It is a good PSU, but there are plenty of equally good options available. NZXT C1200, XPG Cybercore II 1300 Platinum, and the Super Flower 1300, once it becomes available.

  14. Hello, I am extremely interested in the revision of the msi ai1300, do you plan to do it soon? In my country it is sold out in all stores and when they are replenished it is sold out in minutes. Is it worth waiting for it or opting for the seasononic gx1200 at the same price?
    Thanks and regards.

  15. I see only one PSU ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 ready over 1500W – it’s Thermaltake Toughpower GF3 1650W. But it’s very noisy. Are there some others in the horizon ? As even Google didn’t return results about higher wattage PSUs. I’m actually surprised a little bit- I have RTX 3090 and planning to upgrade my PC and add RTX 4090 and I believe there are a lot of people who build more powerful PCs and they need at least 1500W PSU…

    1. There are several in the making. It is tough for a >1500W PSU to offer ATX v3.0 compatibility because it needs to deliver 2x its power. I will update the article once I deliver the TX-1600 ATX v3.0 review.

  16. Hi, I am confused dark power 13 is one of the best in most tests but in overall performace graph it’s even lower than middle – 95 percent 230v. Could you explain why and how this score is calculated?

  17. Have you done any testing with the MSI MPG A1000G PCIE5? How does that compare to the other ATX 3.0 PSU’s? Or even how does it compare to it’s original non-PCIE5 version? Not sure I can justify the extra $80 for the Platinum version. I was also considering a Corsair Shift, but don’t think it’ll end up being able to fit in my case.


  18. I want to choose between ASUS ROG STRIX 1000W Gold Aura Edition and CORSAIR RM1200x Shift. For Asus 12VHPWR it comes with 1×16 pin sleeved cables, but for Corsair 12VHPWR it comes as 1x 12+4 pin. There is 12VHPWR on the Asus psu, but Corsair does not directly. Which is better and safer?

  19. Just purchased a 4090 and am deciding on a PSU. Would you choose the Corsair RM1000x (2021) or the RM1000x Shift? They are the same price but I saw on your reviews that the 2021 version scored higher in several areas. I’m not super in love with the side panel of the Shift and it’ll be a pretty tight fit with my current case. How important is the ATX v3.0 compatibility? Which would you choose?

  20. The Corsair RM1200x Shift does not have native 12VHPWR connectors, so it does not support the power connector that all future NVIDIA GPUs will use. Is this right?

  21. Hey man
    Which one would you recommend me more (Super Flower Leadex VII Gold 1300w or MSI MEG Ai1300P)?
    MSI is Platinum, Super Flower is Gold… I wanted to buy MSI but seeing the results from your review now, I’m not sure which one is better (as far as I can see, Super Flower is having better “performance” and MSI better “transient response”)…
    Not sure which is more important… I’ll be using RTX 4090 GPU and 7950x CPU, if that helps in any way…

    1. The Super Flower, which is Gold only in 80 PLUS. Check its Cybenetics rating, and you will see. The thing is, I don’t know when SF will make it available.

      1. ah, I see… seems I’ll have to go with MSI then… unless they release “FSP Hydro Ti Pro” or “Super Flower” in about a month…
        Anyways, thanks a lot man 🙂

  22. Waiting to buy the FSP Hydro Ti Pro 1000W in Spain. Great work Aris both here, as in TechPowerUp and Cybenetics. A reference for my work (computer equipment installation company).

      1. Nowadays, in the category of more than 1000 w, which power supply is better and do you recommend buying between the seasonic gx1200 vertex, msi ai1300 or any other that you think is convenient? Do you plan to perform a complete revision of the msi ai1300?
        thank you.

        1. The MSI ai1300 is good but expensive. I would take a look at the Montech Titan Gold 1200W, which uses the same platform as the Thermaltake GF3 1200, CWT CSZ.
          The Vertex 1200 I use it on my test bench on a daily basis almost for more than six months now (got a beta unit), no problems at all even with 13900K overclocked and 4090 also overclocked.

          1. As it is a product that with a bit of luck I will use for 10 years or more, I will not look at the price and I will try to get the best and most powerful, from your answer I understand that the msi would be the best but too expensive in price and then due to its characteristics, benefits would be the seasonic gx1200, let’s see if I can find one of the two on offer, thank you very much for your help.

  23. Thank you very much for this informative overview and also for engaging with audience in comment section. Has been a great help!

  24. I am torn between the Asus Strix Aura Edition and the Seasonic Vertex (850W). The Seasonic is £30 cheaper and has solid performance, but I am not sure if the difference in noise level over the Aura Edition is worth it. And there is no review of the Aura Edition, except for the cybernetics results.

    I am also very curious about the Asus TUF version, as the price difference with the Aurora is big, but I miss the results of the TUF version.

    Right now I am leaning more towards seasonic vertex 850w.

  25. The Thermaltake GF A3 recently released and is available on Amazon. I’m wondering what’s the difference to their GF3 lineup? Thanks

    1. Έχω ένα τροφοδοτικό 550 pure power 12 m της be quiet θα έχει κάποια ασυμβατότητα με την κάρτα γραφικών RX 6600 και μία μητρική b550;

  26. I’m sorry in advance for such a lenghty post. I feel completely lost choosing a PSU for my build. For starters I don’t even know how much watt I whould get. I but my parts in PC Part Picker (Ryzen 7 7800X3D, RTX4080 with several case fans and a few SSD/HDDs) and it estimate wattage to around 700w and thats before I plug in all my USB accessories. I know I need some headroom. But would 850w be enough? Or should I aim for 1000w? Or maybe even 1200w (I read somewhere that I should multiply the number I get from PC Part Picker with 1,5 if I’m running high end components. Is there any truth to that)?

    I guess I should narrow my list of PSUs down to ATX3.0 only power supplys since I use a high end RTX4000 series GPU. And I do value low noise since It will also be my work computer and will have light load for long periods of time throughout a day.

    At what point does the price difference matter more than the placing on your list? When is it cheap enough to just get the cheaper one? And when does it become cheap enough to just move up a tier?
    For example these are the prices I can find

    ~150€ FSP Hydro G Pro 1000W
    ~180€ Super Flower Leadex VII Gold 1000W
    ~185€ Montech Titan Gold 1000W // Corsair RMx SHIFT 1000W // be quiet! Pure Power 12 M 1000W
    ~190€ FSP Hydro PTM X Pro 1000W
    ~200€ Seasonic Vertex GX 1000W
    ~235€ Seasonic Vertex GX 1200W // Montech Titan Gold 1200W // Asus ROG Strix Gold Aura Edition 1000W
    ~250€ NZXT C1200 Gold // FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1200W // Corsair RMx SHIFT 1200W

    Is the “FSP Hydro G Pro 1000W” here cheap enough to just go with it? And if not.
    Since I value low noise. Is the price difference between “Seasonic Vertex GX 1000W”, “FSP Hydro PTM X Pro 1000W” and “Montech Titan Gold 1000W” justifiable to go for the more expensive “Seasonic Vertex GX 1000W”? My instinct says “Asus ROG Strix Gold Aura Edition 1000W” is not worth the price here.
    Is the step up from “Seasonic Vertex GX 1000W” to “Seasonic Vertex GX 1200W” small enough to just go for the 1200W?
    And is the step up from for the 1200w options worth the extra cost?
    I don’t know why I included Corsair RMx SHIFT PSUs since I don’t think I can use it in my case. I only have 2,5cm to cable manage from the side.

    Again I’m so sorry for the very long post. But I really don’t know what to buy and I don’t want to overspend if I can help it. It would be great if you can help coming to a conclusion to what PSU to choose. Thanks in advance.

    1. From all above, based on price alone, I would take the be quiet! Pure Power 12 M 1000W. The Super Flower Leadex VII Gold 1000W is great but NOT ATX v3.0.
      1000W are enough for your system. You don’t need 1200W.

  27. I am between MSI MPG A850G, Corsair Rm850e Atx 3.0 and Corsair RM850x Shift, which one would you recommend? The MSI is the cheapest one by a big margin but I have seen they have no Cybenetics report yet… Thanks!

    1. Indeed MSI didn’t send us the MPG A850G so far. I would go for the RM850x Shift, if you can utilize its side modular panel.

      1. Yeah, comparing the MSI and RMx Shift, the MSI seems to be a very nice option for its price. Ripple is comparable to Shift and even a bit lower, but efficiency, holdup times, and noise are a bit worse. But here in Germany, the RMx Shift 850w is €170 and the MSI is €129.
        Additionally, a plus of the MSI is that it is only 150x86x150mm big, whereas the Shift is 150x86x160mm.

        @crmaris do you know if the fan speed of the MSI is controlled by temperature or by load? Because in my AP201 case, I would have the option to place an additional fan in front of the PSU and therefore maybe reduce the temps / noise output.

  28. Since you have been so forthcoming with answering questions i hope you can help me out aswell. I have purchased a 78003xd and am planning a new build in a Fractal Torrent case. This means the Corsair RMX Shift PSU’s are out of the question because of the torrent.

    I am also planning to get a 4090 so i need at least 1000w it seems.

    My current available options seem to be:
    ASUS ROG Strix 1000W Gold Aura Edition for € 259,90
    Silverstone HELA 1200R Platinum for € 289,-
    Seasonic Vertex GX-1000 / GX-1200 for € 249,- / € 295,98

    Which of these would be the better pick? From your reviews it seems that the Asus would at least be more quiet, but if i chose the vertex 1200 then i guess it won’t go as loud because of the extra headroom? Same goes for the Silverstone ofcourse.

      1. Thank you very much for your reply. I will make sure to add the Asus to my system. Thank you so much for your great work.

      1. I have found the opportunity to buy a msi ai 1300 or a seasonic gx1200 at a similar price of €300, between these two at the same price, which would be your choice?
        thank you

  29. Hi Crmaris,
    any ETA on review of be quiet! Pure Power 12M? 🙂
    I can see that model in the charts but review is nowhere to be seen.
    I lean towards buying PP 12M instead of GF3 / Shift but before that happens I want to read your review.

    1. Hello, is Be quiet 12M 1000w good for Rtx 4090 and 7700x with 360 aio ?

      Its priced at 203 euros

      Thank you

  30. Hello

    Im buying a pc and for psu i have curently fixed evga supernova gt 850w its available
    But since corsair Rmx shift series is better and new i would also like to buy that
    but my pc builder says evga is better im unfortunately in india lot of stuff isnt available here so im wondering what the hell to do
    I also see bad reviews for both evga and corsair i know its common but it scares me in india we dont have micro center or new egg or a good amazon customer service etc sad

    so what should i do im picking all good psu from you guys and other websites
    I will ask if anything from that list is available and chose one of it
    Currently its evga supernova gt 850w (you guys dont have a Review of it)
    Swap with rmx swift series from corsair if its available? Or other good atx3.0 psu
    Or just go with evga since i read they are a good company in gpu industry lol

    And if i was rich i would donate to this website lol im spending 2500 dola on a pc and 1500 ona a tv
    I hope one day i do donate i want to but my mom will kill me so yeap sorry for that all i can do now is say thank you in behalf of everyone that commented here thank you for answering everyones questions makes me smile that theres good psu community in our garbage industry

    And again thank you and i hope everyone whatever they buy i hope it lasts a long long time

    1. You should get the Corsair RMx Shift because of the top support that Corsair provides, among others. EVGA is out of business, so you won’t have any support there.

  31. How do I calculate how much watts PSU I need? Pcpartspicker shows my system will use around 817 watts…
    I read somewhere calculation changed after RTX 30 and 40 series came into play… and that now the calculation apparently goes something like 817w (in my case) x 1,5 = 1.225,50w + 100 = 1.325,50w.
    So according to this I’d need to buy PSU with more then 1300w…
    So what are your thoughts on this? How should I calculate this…?
    Thank you <3

      1. ohh, here it is then:
        CPU: 7950x
        CPU Cooler: EK-Nucleus LUX D-RGB CR360 AIO
        Motherboard: AM5 ASROCK X670E – Taichi
        RAM: G.SKILL 64GB (2X32 GB) Trident Z5 Neo RGB DDR5 – 6000 CL30-40-40-96 1.40V
        STORAGE (1): 1TB of SAMSUNG 990 Pro SSD
        STORAGE (2): 2TB of SAMSUNG 990 Pro SSD
        CASE: Lian Li Lancool 216
        MONITOR: Philips Momentum 279m1rv —> It’s 27” and 4K monitor…
        OS: Windows 11 Pro
        PSU: unknown yet

        And then it says “Estimated Wattage”: 817w…

        1. your CPU is a toaster; the same goes for the GPU, so you need at least 1200W PSU. Look at the NZXT C1200, Thermaltake GF3 1200, and the Montech Titan Gold 1200W. All use the same CWT platform and perform well.

          1. And what about:
            Corsair Ax1600i with 12VHPWR cable
            Seasonic PRIME TX 1600 with 12VHPWR cable —> Titanium
            Seasonic PRIME PX 1600 with 12VHPWR cable —> Platinum – but even better then Titanium, according to your testings, just a bit louder…

            Are these not good for my build?
            Money is not the problem, I just wanna buy the best PSU for my build, most reliable, quitest (if possible)… it’s just that I don’t feel comfortable with NZXT products (“C1200” is loud and few users on Reddit reporting coil-whine issues and other weird noises or stuff with it), “Thermaltake GF3 1200” is definitely too loud… “Montech 1200” not sure though – can’t find any problems with it on Reddit…

          2. AX1600i with 12VHPWR cable is ok if you can’t wait for the new Seasonic PSUs. If you want to wait for them and require silence, then the TX-1600 ATX v3.0 is for you.

            Most coil whine issues are from the combination of hardware (e.g., the GPU that they use). Also, you CANNOT tell from where the coil whine is. In most cases, it is from the GPU and NOT from the PSU. Most GPUs have terrible coil whine, especially in the game menus if no FPS limiter exists.

          3. yeah, unfortunately I can’t wait for the new ATX v3.0 Seasonic PSUs but I’d like to know – why can I use Ax1600i but not Seasonic ones – even though they all aren’t ATX 3.0. ?

  32. Hi, I’m looking for the most reliable psu so if I can get gx-1200 , nxzt1200, deep cool 1200 or msi 1300 for the same price what would be your choice?

  33. Hello
    I’m really lost I have a 4090/13900k what power supply would recommend

    Im currently considering the msi 1300 or the silverstone hela also gx1200 doesn’t seem bad but I’m open to any other recommendations
    So if the price isn’t a factor what is your choice?

    1. NZXT C1200, Thermaltake GF3 1200, Montech Titan Gold 1200, DeepCool PX1200G, all use the same CWT CSZ platform. The NZXT C1200 did better in my tests. Montech 1200 is next. The MSI 1300 didn’t achieve high enough performance and it is expensive.

      so I would go for the NZXT C1200. If the Seasonic PX-1600 ATX 3.0 was out, this would be my ultimate choice right now, followed by the Super Flower Leadex VII 1300

  34. Hi,
    Pure Power 12M vs Seasonic Vertex, both with Cybenetics Platinium efficiency. PSU is not something that is changed often so I would think that spending more money to get better power supply is worth it.
    Are Vertex guts that much better to justify higher price?

    1. Look I have a Vertex GX-1200 on my test system with zero problems, and I push it HARD. But performance wise they are not as top as the Prime units for example, to justify a high price difference from the rest high-end units.

      1. I’m relieved to know that reviewed PSUs are pushed to their limits 🙂
        Thanks for your input, I guess I will wait for more reviews concerning 1000W units before I spend 1/3 more on Vertex.

  35. Hi,
    would u go with msi 1300 or vertex gx-1200 regardless of the price difference?

    Thanks a lot in advance:)

      1. Will it be insufficient to supply power when the psu ages after a few years? Or I just directly choose 1000w which poviding 450w pcie5.0 power supply is more stable and better?(My PC Specs 13600K + RTX4070 TI) , thank you

  36. You told me I can use Ax1600i with 12VHPWR cable but you didn’t mention anything about “Seasonic PRIME TX 1600 (Titanium)” or “Seasonic PRIME PX 1600 (Platinum)” with 12VHPWR cable…
    They are all 1600w and none of them is ATX 3.0 – so why do you recommend me Ax1600i but not Seasonic ones…? What’s the catch…? Thank you <3

    1. I asked Seasonic support the same question and this is exactly what they told me “New PRIME ATX 3.0 has not been yet announced (most likely it will happen during Computex) and availability is planned in Europe during Q3 and following weeks. Availability per country will depend on our local partners though.”

      I just don’t understand why can’t we use non ATX 3.0. version as well… it’s 1600w and people on Reddit recommended it to me saying they are using it with their 4090 and that’s it great and quiet…

      But I guess Corsair Ax1600i is even better since it’s the best PSU on the market, it’s just that it’s not ATX 3.0 yet… but people on internet are using it with their 4090 and having 0 issues…
      I’ll probably buy Ax1600i as well cause I can’t wait for ATX 3.0. of Prime TX unfortunately (my AIO is coming next week finally and then I’m finishing my build)… and I just saw hwbusters Performance result where Ax1600i is even better then ATX 3.0. version of Prime TX-1600 (and PX-1600 as well) —> here:

  37. Hi Aris,

    Between these two, which one would you choose?

    Corsair Rmx shift 850w 140€
    Be quiet pure power 12M 1000w 160€

    My rig will by 13700kf + rx 7900 xt

    I lean towards the Corsair unit as they send a direct replacement for the unit in case of rma, but maybe Be quiet has the same policy too for this high end psus (?)


    1. If you need a 1000W PSU, which you don’t, you should go for the be quiet. Else the Corsair Shift, especially if you can utilize its side modular panel.

      1. Why would you choose Be Quiet over Shift?
        Since Vertex is not necessarily a good idea at its price range, I thought about these two as my next PSU ^.-.

  38. Hi, I wanna build a PC but i strugle with choosing good psu for years. Spec- i9-13900ks, rog z790 hero, 4090 strix oc, aio 360. Could you help me choose which watt of psu is good enough for ofc oc the cpu and having at least 200w with stressed cpu and gpu? Firstly i pick 1000w but now in my mind having 1200w

    1. You should look at 1200W, at least, PSUs. Montech Titan Gold 1200W, Thermaltake GF3 1200 are lower cost yet pretty good. NZXT C1200 uses the same platform, costing way more so doesn’t worth it if you ask me.

  39. Hi,
    How to identify Seasonic Prime PX-1600 that it’s ATX 3.0, but not older model ? I mean I didn’t see any website says that this model is ATX 3.0. Even Seasonic site doesn’t say anything about ATX 3.0 on Prime models.

  40. Hi, what would to prefer in corsair rm1000x shift, seasonic vertex gx1000 and Super Flower Leadex VII Gold 1000W please?

  41. Hey man. I bought “Ax1600i” for my system and would like to know if I should change it to Single-rail, instead of using it with Multi-rail by default…?
    I heard it’s better to use Single-rail with high-end systems, and mine is gonna use 7950x + 4090 Gigabyte Gaming OC…

  42. Which ATX3.0 would you recommend for 13600K and RTX4080 build to be excellent for at least 5 years? Thanks so much!

    1. I would go for a good 850W unit, or a 1000W to have more headroom. Thermaltake GF3 1000, Montech Titan Gold 1000, Corsair Shift 1000, Seasonic Vertex – 1000

      1. There is quite a price difference between 850W and 1000W ATX3.0 PSU’s and to be honest, I do not know what will I get with 1000W considering 13600K and a possible undervolting with RTX4080 with basically not much OC headroom.
        Which 850W one would you recommend? be quiet! Dark Power 13 or something else?

          1. FSP Hydro Ti Pro 1000W was briefly in EU stock for some 260€ and now they’re gone.
            That one is a bit expensive but might be the best option overall

  43. FSP Hydro Ti Pro 1000W was briefly in EU stock for some 260€ and now they’re gone.
    That one is a bit expensive but might be the best option overall.

  44. Is the FSP Hydro Ti Pro 850W as convincing against the competition in the 850W class as it is in the 1000W class? Or are there other PSUs that are a bit better in terms of overall performance?

      1. No problem. I hope or rather assume that it does not perform much worse. I could get hold of one for 225€ and had to grab it.

        But I’m still looking forward to your test!
        THX for your great work

  45. Since FSP Hydro Ti Pro 1000W is not available and my options became a bit more limited, which one of these two would you recommend :
    MSI MPG A1000G PCIE5 1000W ATX 3.0 vs Thermaltake ToughPower GF3 1000W ATX 3.0 ?

  46. Hey man
    So, I finally bought Ax1600i and wanted to make it Single-rail like you told me, but iCUE sensors don’t detect my Ax1600i PSU, so I can’t access it…

    I tried HwInfo64 and I can’t see my PSU there as well…

    This is what I have under Universal Serial Bus (if it may help you in any way, I don’t understand any of that unfortunately):

    Do you have any advice for me?
    Is there any other program that can let me change my PSU into Single-rail?

  47. [FIXED] —> Guys that built my computer didn’t plug in my CORSAIR Link™ USB Cable 🙄
    I connected it now and iCUE immediately recognized my PSU and I was able to set it to Single-rail

  48. Hello, i see that Be quiet 12M i popular among atx 3.0 psu.
    Should i choose Be quiet 12M at 200 euros
    Or corsair Shift 1000w for 270 euros
    For my RTX 4090 gaming oc

    Thank you.

    1. Corsair is expensive, because it uses better parts. If you don’t care and you won’t use the side panel of the Shift, go with the be quiet unit.

  49. Dear crmaris

    I am using Seasonic GX-750 and it seems that it has difficulties to cope with my Sapphire Pulse RX 7900 XTX at max load. My PC will just suddenly shut off at times when playing Control Ultimate Edition. Which (850W?) PSU will you recommend me? Thanks!

    My PC specs:
    Case: Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL
    CPU: AMD Ryzen R9 5950X
    GPU: Sapphire Pulse RX 7900 XTX
    Mobo: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master
    AIO: Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360
    RAM: Crucial Ballistix 3600 MHz DDR4 64GB Kit
    Fans: 4 x Noctua NF-S12A
    SSD: Samsung 980 Pro 2TB (NVMe), Plextor PX-512S3C (SATA), SK Hynix SC313 (SATA)
    HDD: 4 (1TB , 2TB, 3TB and 6TB)

  50. Hey thank you for doing those comparisons !
    Can you help me with this please?
    I have Seasonic PRIME TX 1000, is going to an ATX 3.0 preferable or is it better to keep my TX 1000 and just buy the seasonic 12vhpwr cable ?
    I can’t find if my PSU can meet the new transient response requirements.

  51. Hello, i am looking at an Atx 3.0 psu for my RTX 4090 but im interested in one Be quiet psu with pcie5 cable but i see that it has two psu rails one with 42A and other 46A and i wanna know is that safe to use on Rtx 4090 or i should look for more expansive single rail psu’s.

    I am new to the psu so sorry and thank you very much for your assistence.
    Greetings from Croatia.

    1. Hi! Normally speaking, it should work because most 4090s don’t have high power spikes. Having said that, I would prefer a single 12V rail PSU for a demanding system, just to avoid any headaches.

  52. Hello, thank you four your valuable work here.
    I want to ask a question about Corsair brands. Their heigher end models doesn’t support atx 3, but lower RM tier does support it. How can it?
    Is the reason of not being atx 3.0 not containing 12vhpwr cables? If not, wat prevents it to get atx 3 certificate?
    If it is not explained, can you compare atx 3 requirment with its specs to answer my question please?

  53. Hello, thank you four your valuable work here.
    I want to ask a question about Corsair brands. Their higher end models doesn’t support atx 3, but the lower RM tier does support it. How can it?
    Is the reason of not being atx 3.0 not containing 12vhpwr cables? If not, wat prevents it to get atx 3 certificate?
    If it is not explained, can you compare atx 3 requirment with its specs to answer my question please?

    1. I have an article about ATX v3.0 already. Currently although some NVIDIA cards require 12VHPWR connectors, still they don’t need the extreme ATX v3.0 specs when it comes to power spikes.

      1. But still next generation card might require handling the power spikes you mentioned.
        What do you think i should buy to use my next 10 years ?
        Hx1200i or Rmx 1200 ? or maybe Hx1500i ?
        Is Rmx 1200 is more future proof?
        Btw what i am buying for today is a ryzen system with x670e hero, ryzen 7800x3D and RTX 4090 Supreme.
        Thank you for your valuable informations again

  54. Hello crmaris,

    I had a PSU related question that i am not sure fits here but i am very curious about your opinion on the matter. There have recently been an influx in reports on melting 4090 connectors again. Now some people are pointing to the GPU rail, FBVDD, PCIe and 16 voltages dipping below the 12v mark being indicators of melting. Would the resistances of the cables and voltage droop be any reason to be concerned?

    I recently purchased the Asus Strix 1000w Aura and my voltages always seem to hover below 12v (11.9 to 11.7). I saw someone on reddit today who posted about this issue and said their voltages were dropping as low as 11.4 and less than an hour later they posted that their cable/connector had started melting.

    I have not heard any prominent people talk about the voltages being any indicator and was wondering if you could comment on this from your perspective and expertise.

  55. Yo bro, would you offer Hydro PTM PRO ATX3.0(PCIe5.0) 1200W or MSI PSU MEG AI1300P for a system that has 4090, 7950x3d with mb msi x670e ace.

    thank you

  56. Just got a NZXT C1200, was between this and Hydro PTM Pro 1000.

    Straightaway noticed coil whine. A lot of other reports of this from users online. Based on what I found out, it’s the always on 5V. It only happens on boot and shutdown.

    Dunno whether to live with it or get a replacement. I appreciate coil whine can just be a noise. But doesn’t give me faith in the PSU quality.

    1. It is weird because this specific platform, CWT CSZ is used in many PSUs without any problems so far and I have personally checked dozens of units.

  57. I am looking for your advice on a new PSU or even if I need a new PSU. I have an EVGA G2 Supernova bought in 2015, which is close to 10 years old. I will upgrade to a 7900 XTX or 4090 from a 1080Ti; it will be one of these two. I am leaning towards the 7900 XTX at the moment.
    The rest of my system:
    Motherboard: GIGABYTE X570 AORUS MASTER
    Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
    Memory: Crucial Ballistix RGB 3600 MHz DDR4 32GB
    GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
    SSD: Samsung SSD 860 QVO 2TB and Crucial 750GB MX300
    NVMe: Samsung SSD 980 PRO 2TB and Samsung SSD 970 EVO 500GB
    PSU: EVGA Supernova G2 850W
    I am in the UK, and I have been looking at the major retailers and cross-referencing your best PSU for 2023 and the best ATX 3.0 PSU list to what I can find so far from your list I have found available in the UK the following:
    Montech Titan gold 1200w
    Montech Titan gold 1000w
    DeepCool PX Series PX1200-G 1200Watt
    MSI MEG Ai1300P PCIE5
    MSI MEG Ai1000P PCIE5
    Thermaltake Toughpower GF3 1200W
    DeepCool PX Series PX1000-G
    Seasonic Prime Ultra Platinum 1300W
    ASUS ROG Strix 1000W
    Corsair RM1000x (shift)

    I want to keep my PSU for at least ten years, so I am looking for something with headroom for future upgrades and builds.

    1. The Seasonic Prime Ultra Platinum 1300W is top-notch quality. The next best platform is the MSI MEG Ai1000P PCIE5, and then the rest from Montech, DeepCool, Thermaltake are based on the CWT CSZ platform. The Corsair Shift uses a unique platform, locked to Corsair, and is a good option, too, if you can utilize the side modular panel.

      1. The prime ultra 1300 is now out of stock, MSI MEG Ai1000P PCIE5(£312.45), Seasonic Prime TX-1000(£339) and Seasonic PRIME PX 1600(£379) are in stock. Which would be the better buy?

  58. Hi, I’m looking for a PSU for a system with a 13600k and a 4090. I’m having trouble deciding between the Msi mpg a1000g pcie5 and the Corsair Rm1000x shift. At the moment I’m leaning towards the msi PSU as it’s around $40 cheaper for me but I noticed it still hasn’t been tested for atx 3.0 certification. Would you suggest I go for the Corsair or Msi PSU?
    Thank you!

    1. I personally suggest RMX Shift. I have it on my new Build and it is ok. It is tested and approved. You should only check if your Case is compatible, but most decent Cases won’t have a problem. I mean you have a 4090, you can’t have a bad case. 🙂

  59. Hi, I am picking PSU for my rtx 4090, choosing between NZXT c1200w and Thermaltake GF3 1200w. As I red it uses same platform – CSZ, but parts used for example capacitors seems to may have some meaningful differences.
    About +12V MOSFETs
    NZXT c1200w use:
    # 10x Infineon BSC014N06NS (60V, 152A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 1.45mOhm)
    and Thermaltake GF3 1200w use:
    # 8x Infineon BSC010N04LS (40V, 178A @ 100°C, Rds(on): 1mOhm)
    Could you explain difference between these MOSFETs, which configuration is better built, does Voltage (40 vs 60) matter?

    And generally looking only from part analysis perspective (primarily on 12V rail) which one is better built? uses better capacitors, etc.
    Thanks for answer in advance!

    1. The platform is the same, but NZXT did some changes for a bit higher performance, which seemed to pay off. If the price difference is high, go with the more affordable unit.
      In FETs, more is better, but the RDS on plays a huge role in efficiency. The lower the better.

  60. Hi,

    i just bought a ASUS ROG-Strix-Gold Aura Edition 850W (running @230v here in Europe) and had sent it back because of coil whine. The coil whine was only noticeable in idle – when putting load on the system it was completely silent.

    Rest of (ooold) system:
    32GB DDR3
    MSI Z87-43 Gaming
    Palit GTX 1070

    My old psu (Noiseblocker 530w from 2003!!) still works, no coil whine, no sound from fan. But i dont want to put more load with my planned system (7800x3d+RTX 4080) on it.

    Any advice for silent psu without coil whine?

    1. I am afraid that coil whine can be a problem in almost all modern PSUs under some conditions, because of the LLC resonant converter that they use. It is also the combination of hardware, the other system parts, that can lead to coil whine. Give it a go with be quiet! units which usually make sure to eliminate such problems. Corsair units are also good in this section, usually.

  61. Hi Aris, have you heard something about the Be quiet Pure Power 12 M 750w? I’ve seen only 850w and 1000w have cybenetics report.

    Are there usually many changes between models in the same psu line, or should we expect just a little less overall performance like in other brands? It’s quite cheap here in the EU, by almost 40€ vs other 750w psus by Corsair or Thermaltake with also 10 year warranty.


    1. Hi! Normally its performance should be close to the 850W model. be quiet! sends review sample but no certification ones, unfortunately.

      1. Thanks for the help Aris! Also, I’ve seen it’s a dual rail model, should I care about that if I am going to use a power hungry GPU or nowadays Single/Dual Rail don’t matter? Thanks!

  62. Hi Aris, I saw the Straight Power 12 ATX 3.0 PSUs pop up at mindfactory in Germany, so those seem to be released now – any info on when a review will be out for them?

  63. Hi Aris,
    So I have read and saw your video regarding the upcoming 12V 6*2 connector, I am buying a new computer consists of:
    Memory- G. Skill 64gb 6400 32-39-39-102.
    Mainboard-GB Z790 Aorous Master
    Graphics-MSI Suprim X 4090
    SSD-990pro 2tb and sn850x 4tb
    Cooler- Kraken Elite RGB
    Computer is running 24/7 and used mainly for 4k video rendering.
    I am contemplating regarding the PSU.silence ,performance, and efficiency are all extremely important for me.
    I have 3 in mind:
    1. Should I aim for the older gen overkill yet best and silent performer in the CorsairAX1600i which obviously can work with the new connector ?
    2. second option -the new Seasonic Prime TX ATX 3.0 1300w version ? with this option there are 2 concerns ,coil whine, and some reports with former generation prime TX 1600 (the non ATX 3.0 version)had power recurring shutdowns that other brand did not have on the same system.
    3. The new Be Quiet 1300w Dark Power Pro ATX 3.0 -which you have not reviewed, yet its your own recommendation from above for avoiding coil whine because of its silent wings, and would also be no slouch in efficiency and performance ?
    Efcharisto! for your help.

  64. Hi Aris, I recently bought FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1200W (PCIe 5.0 version), and it comes with two EPS cables, one rated 16 AWG, and another one with two connectors rated 18 AWG. Do you think it’ll be problematic if I were to use all three connectors on a Xeon w-3400? The CPU I’m looking to use can consume up to 600W (the board has three EPS connectors). Or is it better if I were to use PCIe to EPS adapter? Thank you!

    1. To be frank I don’t approve piggy-tail EPS connectors. Each EPS on its own doesn’t have a problem at up to 384W, with 8A per pin, so you won’t have a problem most likely.

  65. Hi Aris,

    Im running a OC gaming 4090 with 7800X3D, trying to decide on the best approach for a power supply. I’ve had two bad experiences with HX Corsair psu’s recently, one made popping noises and the other coil whine. which would be your pick from the following?

    FSP Hydro PTM PRO ATX 3.0 80 Plus Platinum 1200W
    Seasonic Vertex ATX 3.0 80 Plus Gold 1200W
    Super Flower Leadex VII Gold 1300W
    seasonic prime platinum 1300w (non atx3.0)


  66. Hi Aris,

    I am currently building a pc with 7950x3d and rtx 4090. I already purchased the Corsair rm1000x (2021) 80+ Gold, but have been reading up on PSUs and can still return it. Should I stick with 1000W or go for something higher? Which PSUs would you recommend in both cases? Thanks.

      1. Should I care about ATX 3.0 compliance? And how would you rank between RM1000x (2021), RM1000x Shift, and Super Flower Leadex VII Gold 1000w? Thanks again.

  67. Your PSU reviews are otherworldly. How have I not come across this site before? You understand what you are writing about, deeply. This shouldn’t be notable, especially for a dedicated hardware site, but it is uncommon at best.

  68. Geia sou aderfe!

    I am after making a new system at the moment. Sadly I am without a pc at the moment, otherwise I would wait for the melt-y cable fiasco to get resolved. But I have no system at all at the moment, and I really need to do some uni work.

    My build list

    13900k // With Thermal Grizzly Frame
    Z790 Aorus Xtreme
    G.Skill ddr5 7200/CL34
    Corsair H170i Capellix XT
    Corsair 7000D or BeQuiet DarkBase 900 (I cannot find the rev 2 anymore at a reasonable price)
    3 x nvme m2.
    I will also make use of 7/8 usb slots and the thunderbolt 4 of my motherboard.
    GPU wise I am between an rtx4070ti and an rtx4080 (Probably a Suprim X or a strix OC model)

    As I had BeQuiet PSUs in the past and I was nothing but extremely happy with them I have been leaning towards a
    Dark Power Pro 13 1300W for a while now.

    I have a good relationship with the BeQuiet guys to the point they inform me months ahead of new products etc. But I had no word regarding any changes on their current PSUs at the GPU socket.

    I am really lost at the moment regarding this and I am halting building this system since mid May, to the point I missed an exam which I have to resit in September. I am one of those unlucky people that really need a system right now and they cannot wait any further for newer releases (aka 14900k or changes on GPUs and CPUs).

    What is your advise oh sage one?

    Elpizw na mhn exete th zesth pou exei edw shmera! Ftasame 44C

  69. This is by far the most comprehensive breakdown & reviews of PSUs I’ve seen. I’ve come back to your site and this article multiple times to make informed decisions / purchases. Thank you for all your content.

    I’m doing a build with a 4090 and I’m looking for an 1000w ATX 3.0 PSU. I’ve noticed many of them don’t offer a 12vhpwr output, and instead opt for a dual 8 pin connection on the PSU, with the other end of the cable terminated with a 12vhpwr connector.

    Is there any benefit in running a PSU that offers a 12vhpwr output? Or are the dual 8 pin to 12vhpwr PSUs just as good / safe?

    1. If I understand your question well, dual 8-pin are good/safe. For more info u can visit jongerrow site (jonnyguru) who explains things in depth and in a comprehensive way.

      1. Thank you for your response. I will check out jon’s site.

        Is there any benefit to running a PSU w/ a dedicated 12vhpwr out, vs a PSU w/ the dual 8 pin connectors?

        Given the amount of incidents of with 12vhpwr connector melting, and considering there is already a revision from psi sig in the works, would it be smarter to use a PSU w/ a dual 8 pin output? Basically, the fewer 12vhpwr connectors I’m using, the better?

  70. Hello, I’m choosing beetween seasonic atx 3.0 PX-1600 and Seasonic atx 3.0 TX-1300, because price is the same and TX-1600 is above my budget. I’m looking for the most silent option. I wonder maybe if PX-1600 will work about 50% of it max for 800W will it be quiter than TX-1300 working same 800W?
    And what about a pair of 2x 8pins for possible 12V-2×6 connection does these new Seasonic ATX 3.0 PSU’s have this option.
    My setup is 7950x, and 4090 Strix OC.
    Would be glad to see your opinion because seems like many of Seasonic buyers wonder about 12V-2×6 compability.

    1. I haven’t tested the 1300W unit, so I cannot answer to your first question, sorry. Thing is that the PSU’s efficiency is at its highest at 40-50%, where thermal loads will be lower. If you want silence during gaming, you should be close to the PSU’s half capacity with your system at “game” load.

      2x 8 pins can be used for a 12V-2×6 cable, yes.

  71. I got a NXZT C1200 and the coil whine is bad when idle. I have a 7800x3d paired with a b650 aorus elite ax and a 7900XT. I took the gpu out and it’s still there. Any ideas? I’ve read a few others having this issue.

  72. Hi, I’m looking to buy a new PSU and like with other PC parts, I enjoy trying to understand what I am buying. Your site(s) are a great help. Appreciate the great work.
    A general question. In sizing the PSU there seem to be two things important: efficient range and transients. In ATX 2.x there seems to be some rules that you want a lot of headroom in the power (factor 2x) due the transients. However, ATX3.0 has that support build in. Does this mean you can “tier down” in power? E.g. having a 500W max usage gaming system, would it make sense to see a 850W ATX3.0 equivalent to a 1000W ATX2.x PSU? Since the 850 can peak to 1600W by design.
    All this apart from noise, which is separate all together.

    1. The same rules in PSU capacity apply between ATX v2.x and V3.x because every PSU has its peak efficiency at 40-50% of its max rated capacity.
      So if you want the highest possible efficiency, if your system typically consumes 500W (DC), you should get a 850W or ideally a 1000W PSU.

  73. I wish a quietest possible one for an RTX 4090 based system. With NO COIL WHINE! What’s is the current “crème de la crème” PSU in those regards?

      1. Thanks. So if you were me which PSU would you buy today, for a new build? In other words, what would be the best bet?

  74. Hello, What do you think of the Be Quiet Straight Power 12? I can’t find many reviews on it. Was thinking of buying one when it releases first week August in Canada 🇨🇦 hoping you got one in for review.

  75. NZXT C1200 had a bad coil whine at 60-75w usage when my system was idle without a GPU installed. It went away when I installed my GPU.
    I moved to a Thermaltake GF3 1000W and didn’t experience any issues and the cables are easier to work with.

  76. Hi Aris,

    Congrats on the big move! Very Excited for the New Lab. Have you already taken a look at the ATX 3.0 variant of the Corsair HX-1500i or will you be reviewing it in the near future?

  77. Hi, great site. I’m after a future proof 3.0 psu for mini itx build…..sfx or sfx l , , I’m purchasing a rtx 4090 and running 64gb ram with Intel 12700k cpu, which power supplies would you recommend?

    1. Corsair SF1000L is a great choice and you can also look at the Thermaltake SFX 1000, for more power. The SilverStone SX1000R is decent, too.

  78. Hello. I see you give recommendation to Cooler Master v750i. And noise was only 23db.
    But it’s older brother 850i saw almost 33db in it’s review? Why so different? Thanks.

  79. Hello Aris,
    Congratulations on your new lab!
    I have all my PC parts but I cant decide on a PSU.
    I wanted to ask for your advice.

    My setup: I9-13900K, Gigabyte rtx4090 gaming OC
    Looking for the 1200W range.
    Is your list updated in this range?
    I have access to: the FSP hydro ptm pro 1200W (atx 3.0)- 280$
    Also for the Deepcool PX1200G -260$
    Corsair RM1200x shift – 361$ (which I hesitant about because of side clearance at the fractal north)
    what would you choose?
    should I go out of my way and try and get something else, overseas from Amazon?
    Thank you for everything and any advice!

  80. Hi and THANK YOU for your work.

    I have build my new PC:
    7800 x3dx = Asus B650e-e
    2x 16 gb 6000 mhz cl 30 ddr5
    asus rog strix oc 4090
    I have an older PSU and wanted to upgrade to ATX 3.0

    I have my eyes on ASUS aura gaming Gold 1000w and FSP HYDRO TI Pro 1000w titanium. They are pretty much same price in my country, so which would you take? 🙂

    I cant decide, i am “asus fanboi” but wanted the absolut best PSU for my system (PSU is hidden in my lian li dynamic xl, so looks on psu dosnt matter)

      1. How about the 12+4-pin PCIe 5.0 cable? trying to understand the 12V-2×6 you wrote about – not sure i understand:/

  81. Is a RM850X good enough for a 7800X3D and a 4070ti, also taking into account any transients? Appreciate your work and thanks for reading.

  82. What a great resource this is! Thank you!
    I have all parts for my build minus the case (Lian Li EVO XL) and the psu.

    My build spec
    Custom water cooled cpu (13900k) and gpu (Asus Strix RTX 3090 OC, *will be switching to 4090 or 50 series next year) with x3 420mm radiators since I plan to overclock (I realize that it’s probably overkill), 32GB DDR5-7600.

    I am looking for advice on a psu. I’m not sure if 1000 W will suffice or if I need to look at 1200 W and above. I am looking at the offerings from FSP and Super Flower in both 1000 and 1200/1300 W respectively. Which do you think would be best suited for my build? The Hydro Ti 1000w, Hydro PTM 1200w, the Leadex VII 1000w or the Leadex VII 1300w? I appreciate your advice. Thanks!

  83. What a great resource this is! Thank you!
    I have all parts for my build minus the case (Lian Li EVO XL) and the psu.

    My build spec
    Custom water cooled cpu (13900k) and gpu (Asus Strix RTX 3090 OC, *will be switching to 4090 or 50 series next year) with x3 420mm radiators since I plan to overclock (I realize that it’s probably overkill), 32GB DDR5-7600.

    I am looking for advice on a psu. I’m not sure if 1000 W will suffice or if I need to look at 1200 W and above. I am looking at the offerings from FSP and Super Flower in both 1000 and 1200/1300 W respectively. Which do you think would be best suited for my build? The Hydro Ti 1000w, Hydro PTM 1200w, the Leadex VII 1000w or the Leadex VII 1300w? I appreciate your advice. Thanks!

  84. My Corsair PSU RM1000I that is 7 years old keeps shutting down with my 4090 RTX and after alot of troubleshoot it is the PSU.

    My spec is
    RTX 4090
    2 X 16GB ram 5200mhz

    But im getting confuse on the PSU guides because you recommend alot of PSU with the connector you dont recommend anymore (12+4 pin)?
    So what should i get for a PSU? Seems the best guide is to stick with PSU that have 2x 8pin to 12VHPWR? But then there isnt alot of PSU to select from? The Corsair RM1000e seems like a cheap choice? What would you recommend?

    1. I think you got confused. The connector (12+4) is fine. It is just better if you get a PSU with 2x 8pins on the PSU side for various reasons.
      RM1000e is good, but also check RM1000x Shift.

      1. The stock in denmark is right now pretty low on the high end of PSU
        What would you recommend?

        Pricetag in dollars
        Corsair RM1000x SHIFT – 249,53
        Corsair RM1000e V2 (ATX3.0) – 198,13
        Corsair HX1500i (2023) – 351,16
        Cooler Master MWE Gold 1250W V2 ATX 3.0 – 212,81
        NZXT C-Series Gold C1200 – 234,4

        Should i get more watt then 1000 for the build?
        My spec is
        RTX 4090
        2 X 16GB ram 5200mhz

        1. 1) Corsair HX1500i
          2) NZXT C1200
          3) Cooler Master MWE Gold 1250

          Your system doesn’t need such a strong PSU though, a 1000W will be fine since your processor is highly efficient. Stronger PSU will make you more future proof though.

  85. Hello! I’m considering upgrading (or sidegrading) from the Core Reactor 750w to the Pichau Nidus 850w and noticed it has the Cybenetics certification yet it’s not listed here nor the Cybenetics website, wondering if there’s any reason for that or if it’s gonna be updated later on.

    Also noticed that for the SF-G850M and SF-G1000M (Super Frame PSUs) the pictures at the end of the document clearly show they’re named SF-B850M and SF-B1000M, did they get revised and name changed later on? Wasn’t able to find anything on the B variants so just wondering! And it seems like their components are also not listed on the Cybenetics document.

    Lastly, found the Nidus 850w, SuperFrame 850w and Cougar GEX X2 at the same price here, with that in mind which one would you pick? And also why, if you don’t mind :).

    Love the content, keep up the great work, it is very much needed and appreciated!

  86. Gonna be reposting here as it seems my comment went from awaiting moderation to gone for some reason.

    Hello! I’m considering upgrading (or sidegrading) from the Core Reactor 750w to the Pichau Nidus 850w and noticed it has the Cybenetics certification yet it’s not listed here nor the Cybenetics website, wondering if there’s any reason for that or if it’s gonna be updated later on.

    Also noticed that for the SF-G850M and SF-G1000M (Super Frame PSUs) the pictures at the end of the document clearly show they’re named SF-B850M and SF-B1000M, did they get revised and name changed later on? Wasn’t able to find anything on the B variants so just wondering! And it seems like their components are also not listed on the Cybenetics document.

    Lastly, found the Nidus 850w, SuperFrame 850w and Cougar GEX X2 at the same price here, with that in mind which one would you pick? And also why, if you don’t mind :).

    Love the content, keep up the great work, it is very much needed and appreciated!

    1. Yes, moderation is required because we had tons of spam in the past, sorry.
      Nidus 850W, will check it with Cybenetics once they return from vacations. Good catch there!

      We use the name they provide us. Usually the PSUs we get are pre-production units, so labels and naming schemes can change.

      Thank you!

  87. Really appreciated this article, it helped me understand what to look for in a PSU! So for my new PC I have a 13600KF+RTX4070 combo. I was thinking of a 750W or 850W PSU, preferably a silent one with zero RPM mode. Also, I do not have a lot of cable management space in my case, so the Corsair SHIFT series probably doesnt work. I was thinking of the Seasonic GX ATX 3.0, but it is hardly in stock in my country. Do you think it is a good PSU, or do you have other recommendations?


  88. καλησπέρα,
    Εχω μπερδευτεί λίγο, ανάμεσα στα CORSAIR CP-9020262-EU RM750E V2 , CORSAIR RM750E V3 (ποιες οι διαφορές? ) και στο CORSAIR CP-9020199-EU RM750X πιο να επιλέξω?

    1. RMe ειναι χαμηλότερης κατηγορίας αλλά το V3 είναι ΑΤΧ v3.0. Προσωπικά θα πήγαινα στο RM750x αν δεν με ένοιαζε τόσο πολύ το ATX v3.0 και μετά στο RM750e v3

      1. Hey man. I need a new Psu. My dark power10 750w struggels with 4090 and 16core CPU. IT makes some strange noises…. looking to buy a bequiet dark power pro 13. 1300 or 1600watt. Is there something wrong with this psu’s?

  89. Hello,I am was looking at the results and decided to take a look at a 850W affordable PSU and I found myself in a battle between these:Price i USD$ in my country:
    My future build will be R5 7600/R77 800x3d and a future upgrade to a 4071 Ti .For what I’ve seen 850W should be enough for this build right?
    be quiet! Pure Power 12 M 850W-152$,100W-164$
    Super Flower Leadex VII XG 850W-166$,1000W-193$
    Or should i look for another option?

  90. I recently installed an air conditioner in my home and have noticed some voltage fluctuations. A clear indication of this is the momentary dimming of the lights in my room. Although these fluctuations are rare, they have caused my PC to restart if caught while gaming.

    Interestingly, my girlfriend’s PC, which is also in the same room, doesn’t experience these restarts. I suspect it’s due to her PSU’s superior hold-up time and quality. Her PC runs on a ASUS ROG Strix 850W White Edition, although her actual gaming consumption is around 500W.

    Here are my PC’s specs:

    Power Supply (PSU): Seasonic Focus GX 850W

    Case: NZXT H710i

    Motherboard: GIGABYTE X570 AORUS MASTER

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800x

    GPU: RTX 4090


    While gaming, my system’s power consumption ranges from 600-700 watts. When the AC kicks in or shuts off, I believe it induces a voltage fluctuation which my current PSU struggles to handle.

    With a budget of around 250 euros, I’m considering an upgrade to an ATX 3.0 PSU. Any recommendations?

    I did some research of course using this site, and from the best atx 3.0 list you provided in my area those are the psu ready to buy:

    Corsair RM1200x (Shift) -> 219 euro but im not sure if his lateral ports are ok for my case, in only have 3cm of space between the current psu and the lateral case door
    Deepcool PX1200G -> 224 euro
    Montech Titan Gold 1200W -> 270 euro
    NZXT C1200 Gold -> 209 euro but i read online lots of report for coil whine
    Thermaltake Toughpower GF3 1200W -> 230 euro
    Corsair RM1000e -> 170 euro seems the best deal but i saw a low hold-up time compared to the rest

    1. Replied to the first post 🙂 I noticed now that this is more detailed.

      According to the prices you mention, go for either the Deepcool unit or the Thermaltake GF3. They use exactly the same platform.
      The NZXT also uses the same platform, but they did some modifications for better performance and possibly this is the reason behind coil whine issues. In my samples I didn’t notice any, though.

  91. Gonna repost here as it seems my comment went from waiting to be moderated to gone for some reason.

    currently im having restart pc problem that i think i can fix by changing to a more beefy psu.

    right now my pc is composed by: 4090, amd 5800x and a Seasonic Focus GX 850W.

    my pc restarts when im gaming (monitoring the wattage is like 600-700w at max) AND i have the air conditioner on. in the same room i have my gf pc that does not have this problem, i think because she has a higher quality psu ( asus rog 850w white edition) that has much higher wattage than needed for her system, while mine is barely enough with only 850w

    looking at your fantastic article i found these psu available on which is where i can buy a psu right now
    Corsair RM1000e
    Corsair RM1200x (Shift)
    Deepcool PX1200G
    Montech Titan Gold 1200W
    NZXT C1200 Gold
    Thermaltake Toughpower GF3 1200W

    any particular psu you recommend for my issue? thank you

    1. From this list, the Deepcool, Montech, NZXT and TT units use exactly the same platform, so you can get the most affordable one! The Corsair RM1200x Shift is also good, but think if you need its side modular panel and if it is compatible with your chassis.

      Your PSU looks to be the problem, indeed!

      1. thank you! i went for the 1200x shift since i believe there is enough space in my case. i chose this one because it has low noise compared to others. I hope it’s enough to fix my problem, will update this comment with the results.

  92. I have buyed a fsp hydro ti pro 1000w for 300 €. Do you think 1kw is enought for next generation CPU and GPU? Should i stay with it, or Look for something bigger?
    Dark power pro 13 1300w 390€. 1600w 426€ in germany. But there are no serious reviews about this units.

    1. You are right, there are not many reviews about these, and Aris is avoiding talking about them.

      While Bequiet on the phone were a bit “cryptic” regarding the 12VPHWR socket and possible future changes.

      Still at the 390eu 1300W Titanium sounds like a really great deal.

  93. Im stuck with choices.

    Wich one would you choose from this list

    Seasonic vertex 1200 watt
    Fps hydro ptm pro 1200 watt
    Fsp hydro ti 1000 watt
    Corsair shift 1200 watt

    This psu im planning on using for at least 5 to 10 years.

    Is there any other atx 3.0 i should consider?

    I really want the new superflower but its nowhere to be found in europe. Do you know on how to get this psu?

  94. Looking at the AMD 6600XT + AMD Ryzen 3900X
    Between Corsair HX1000i ATX 3.0 (2023) or Seasonic PRIME 1000 Titanium
    Open to Super Flower but only ever owned Corsair or Seasonic

  95. Hello,

    Is there a detailed review of the Asus Rog Strix Aura 750G/850G PSU anywhere?

    Its in the measurement tables, and recommended as rather silent. But i actually cant find a specific review article for it anywhere.

    I’m currently favoring this over Corsair RMx (shift), MSI A G and Toughpower GF3 because its at least good average everywhere in your data (its in all the graphs of the CM 750i review) but the quietest with lowest Ripple.

    One specific question though. As far i have read its CWT made while the Rog Strix was Seasonic made. Does it retain the same type of plugs on the PSU side though?
    Cablemods lists it compatible for its Asus/Seasonic/Phanteks cables, but that seems slightly odd if its not Seasonic made anymore.

    and keep up your very informative reviews ! 😉

    1. I haven’t reviewed them yet, sorry. Will talk to Asus.

      PSUs are not electrically compatible usually, if they are from different OEMs, so be careful! Now if Cablemods says it is compatible, I guess the looked into this.

  96. Hi,
    Which one to pick between Corsair RMe 1000W gold and NZXT C 1200W gold? Both are atx3.0 compatible, similar price.
    Corsair doesn’t include 12VHPWR module (why it that?).

    Also talking about high power port, I was looking for 12V2x6 PSU but can’t seem to find any. Do you think new standard will be backward compatible to these PSUs?

      1. I want to update on this. Got NZXT C1200 gold for $175. Heard nothing but good things about this PSU
        Unfortunately, this PSU has the worst coil whine I’ve heard, like a bird chipping in phase. Once you heard it, it stuck in your ears. As soon as you light load something (game, video), the noise is gone…

        Whilst price/performance is very good I don’t know if I want to keep it or gamble for another one…

  97. Want to pickup ATX 3.0 PSU for a new 7800x3d/4090 build. I have had good success with Corsair however I think the Shift 1000w might be a tight fit in my Fractal North case with side cables.

    Is the HX1000i as good as the shift? Or should I look at Asus aura or something like that?

    1. The HX1000i is a category above the RMx Shift. If the latter’s side modular panel isn’t compatible with your chassis or gives you a tough installation time, you should avoid it.

  98. Hello,
    Which psu do you think is better for 7800x3D/4090 build? My options are the following and I ranked them from cheapest to most expensive in where i live.

    Fsp hydro g pro 1000w
    Cooler master mwe gold 1050 v2
    Corsair rm1000x shift
    Msi a1000g

  99. I’m planning a 7600X/7900XT system with the following:

    – 2x 16GB DDR5-6000 EXPO (1.35V)
    – 3x SSD (1x M.2, 2x SATA)
    – 1x HDD
    – may run PBO on CPU

    Power supplies I’m considering include:

    – EVGA Supernova G6 750W/850W
    – EVGA Supernova G7 750W/850W
    – Seasonic Focus GX-850 ATX3.0 (

    Is 750W or 850W a reasonable PSU wattage?

    Are there other short (D = 140mm max) PSUs I should also be considering? Thank you.

    1. I would go for 850W, prefferably ATX v3.0 so the Seasonic.

      Most modern 750/850W PSUs are compact. Beware the smaller the PSU the tougher is to cool it down, and this is why most compact PSUs are also noisy at high loads.

      1. Thank you for the recommendation!

        I see that the Seasonic Focus GX-850 ATX3.0 has not yet received a Cybenetics rating. Has Seasonic submitted a sample for testing?

        Would the XPG Core Reactor 850W ATX3.0 be considered a competitor? This also hasn’t yet received a Cybenetic rating.

      1. I am planning to get
        Ryzen 7 7800X3D
        MSI MPG B650 EDGE WIFI (2 × 8 pin)
        Sapphire Nitro+ 7900 XTX (3 × 8 pin)

        Other PSU options I have are:
        NZXT C1000
        Corsair RM1000e (2021, non ATX 3.0)
        Corsair RM850x Shift (1000W option is 40% more expensive)
        MSI MPG A1000G (non ATX 3.0)
        Cooler Master MWE Gold 1050 V2 (non ATX 3.0)

        Which PSU would you recommend?

        Thank you.

  100. Hello,
    I can’t choose between them: XPG Core Reactor 850w and gf1 pe 850w, same price, same platform. Can I connect an NVIDIA GPU with a 12hwpr cable to this psu? The atx3.0 power supply is 30% more expensive. Could you help me please.
    Thanks a lot.

  101. It’s a bit of a misunderstanding for me because there are some ATX 3.0 psu without a 12vhpwr connector, can I also use a 12vhpwr to 3 x 8 pin cable? at the moment I dont have a video card with a new connector, I wanted to upgrade soon.
    Thanks a lot.

  102. Hello,

    I would like to ask why there is no info of the FSP Hydro Ti Pro 850W, considering the 1000W is one of the best in the 1000 watt category. How does it stack up to the others in that category? If you haven’t tested this model or the FSP Hydro G Pro 850W, can we expect a test of them?

    Thank you.

  103. Which PSU would you recommend?

    My spec is
    Ryzen 9 7950x
    Powercolor Radeon RX 7900 XTX Red Devil OC
    ASUS ProArt X670E
    2 X 32GB ram 6000mhz

    Thank you.

  104. Which PSU would you recommend?
    Montech titan gold 1000w
    Thermaltake Toughpower GF3 1000W
    Super Flower Leadex VII Gold 1000W

    or give your recommendation

  105. Hi
    I’m thinking about upgrading my psu because my current psu is causing crashes and I’m not sure which one I should buy. Which one of those would you recommend? Both the Thermaltake and the FSP are on sale right now.

    be quiet Pure Power 12 M 1000W – 147,14€
    Thermaltake Toughpower GF3 1000W – 154,81€
    FSP Hydro G Pro ATX 3.0 1000W – 167,79€

  106. Hi,
    I’m building a PC (13700k/4090) and want to select a ATX 3.0 PSU. The case will be NZXT H9 Flow.

    I’m thinking about following PSUs:
    – Corsair RM1000x (Shift) – $209 (Probably skip this one because the side cable interface doesn’t work well with NZXT H9)
    – New Seasonic FOCUS V3 GX-1000 – $209 (this is pretty new, I don’t see much reviews and comments about this one, does this have the coil whine issue as the Vertex one?)
    – NZXT C Series C1200 Gold – $229 (Not sure about the PSU quality from NZXT)
    – DeepCool PX1000G – $199 (need to wait for stock, also heard the cable is very stiff)
    – be quiet! Dark Power 13 – $289 (more expensive)
    – MSI- MEG Ai1000P – $279 (more expensive)

    Which one do you recommend or do you have other suggestions?

      1. Thanks!

        I also found Montech Titan gold 1000 is $175, do you think the MSI and be quite worth the extra $100?

        Also for my build, do you think I need a 1200W PSU or 1000W should be safe?

  107. If I have a 13600k + 4070 system, would a NZXT C1200 overkill and power inefficient? For the price factor, it’s on sale (sub $180) from where I live so it’s actually cheaper than other 1000w PSUs. I use computer mostly for normal task and 30% of the time AI/ML
    I want to hear your opinion on this.

  108. Be Quiet Pure Power M 12 cable confusion.

    I have an AMD 7900 XTX being shipped. In preparation I went ahead an purchased the Be Quite Pure Power M 12 10000w. This video card, like most of the AMD 7900 XTX cards, states to use 3 separate PCI-e connectors. I noticed the PSU has two 12 pin to 6+2 cables and at the PSU, so thought I was out of luck since that would not be 3 sperate cables. However, I found a forum that mentioned the 12 pin cables allows the use of the pigtail without issue as it wasn’t a standard 8pin – 6+2 pin. But when I received my PSU, I looked at the cable and there are no wires in 4 of the in areas so looks to basically be an 8 – 6+2. Can this PSU not be used with the higher end AMD cards, or is there something I am missing here. Even the ThermalTake I looked at (GF3) only included 2 cables, so wouldn’t work out of the box with the AMD cards. Do I need to just return this PSU. Seems strange a newer PSU to not support one of the newer video cards.

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