Super Flower Leadex Titanium ATX v3.0 1600W PSU Review

Average Noise

The average noise is high.

Fan Noise & Speed Maps @ 28-32 °C

[115V] The fan’s speed is kept low at up to 940W loads, but the fan’s speed goes wild at higher loads. It is like there are no intermediate fan speed stages, from very low speeds to sky-high ones in a matter of seconds, and this is just not right. SF needs to make a proper fan speed profile to reduce the average noise output drastically.

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One thought on “Super Flower Leadex Titanium ATX v3.0 1600W PSU Review

  1. Great review as always, thank you aris.

    I wonder what happened to the digital psu platform that Superflower showed way back during Computex 2015, it was never mentioned again outside of that event.

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