Super Flower Leadex Titanium ATX v3.0 1600W PSU Review

Efficiency Normal, Light & Super-Light Loads

The platform’s efficiency is high at light and super light loads, but I expected more in the 10-100% load range.

Average Efficiency

The platform’s average efficiency is high enough, especially if we consider its age.

Average PF

The APFC converter performs well, although there is room for improvement at 230V.

Average Efficiency 5VSB

The 5VSB rail is not so efficient.

Vampire Power

Vampire power is high, especially at 230V, which is the reason behind the “Silver” Cybenetics badge at 230V input.

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2 thoughts on “Super Flower Leadex Titanium ATX v3.0 1600W PSU Review

  1. Super Flower Leadex Titanium ATX v3.0 1600W PSU

    I cannot find a Super Flower Leadex Titanium 1600W PSU that also denotes it as ATX v3.0 compatible.
    I’ve seen ones with a box exactly as you depict in this review (which also does not say ATX v3.0 on it anywhere), with everything the same except without the 600W PCIe 5.0 / Gen 5 12VHPWR PSU Cable. I have seen that cable available separately however and it states it is compatible with the Leadex 1600W Titanium.

    I think the only Super Flower PSU’s I’ve seen that denote ATX v3.0 on them are the Leadex VII XG’s.

    So I am a bit confused. Can you clarify the ATX v3.0 compatibility of this unit?

    Thank you for all your testing and posting it for us to review!

  2. Great review as always, thank you aris.

    I wonder what happened to the digital psu platform that Superflower showed way back during Computex 2015, it was never mentioned again outside of that event.

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