1st Player NGDP 1300W PSU Review

The 1st Player NGDP 1300W is a high-end PSU, available at an affordable price, if you can find it in your region, since availability is limited, for the moment at least. 

The 1st Player NGDP 1300W will be included in my best ATX v3.0 & PCIe 5.0 PSU picks article.

1st Player is a promising brand, thanks to the OEM supporting it, Helly Technology. Most of the 1st Player products I have tested so far achieve a high performance-per-price ratio, which is what most potential buyers look for. I have already evaluated the NGDP 1000W, which left a good impression on me, and in this review, I will test its 1300W sibling. With only 140mm depth, the NGDP 1300W offers a pretty high power density. It is great to see strong power supplies with such small dimensions, although I am pretty sure that this affects noise output, so I wouldn’t mind a bigger PCB able to host larger heatsinks.


The 1st Player NGDP 1300W has a Cybenetics Platinum efficiency rating, and in noise, it is Cybenetics Standard+ (35-40 dB[A]). As I mentioned above, the high power density doesn’t help in keeping noise output low, especially at high loads. The small dimensions also don’t allow for a larger than 120mm fan. A 140mm fan could push the same amount of air but at lower RPMs, so it would help lower noise output. You cannot have it all, unfortunately: compact dimensions, high power output, and low noise output on all load ranges.


Technical Specifications:
  • Manufacturer (OEM): Helly Technology
  • Max Power: 1300W
  • Cybenetics Efficiency: [115V] Cybenetics Platinum (89-91%)
  • 80 Plus Efficiency: Platinum
  • Noise [115V]: Cybenetics Standard+ (35-40 dB[A])
  • Compliance: ATX v3.0, EPS 2.92
  • Operating Temperature (Continuous Full Load): 0 – 40°C
  • Alternative Low Power Mode support: Yes
  • Power 12V combined: 1300W
  • Number of 12V rails: 1
  • Power 5V + 3.3v: 120W
  • Power 5VSB: 15W
  • Cooling: 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan (HA1225H12F-Z)
  • Semi-Passive Operation: ✓ (Selectable)
  • Modular Design: Yes (Fully)
  • High Power Connectors: 2x EPS (2x cables), 4x PCIe 6+2 pin (4x cables), 1x PCIe 12+4 pin (600W)
  • Peripheral Connectors: 12x SATA (3x cables), 4x 4-pin Molex (1x cable)
  • ATX Cable Length: 610mm
  • EPS Cable Length: 650mm
  • 6+2 pin PCIe Cable Length: 600mm
  • 12+4 pin PCIe Cable Length: 720mm
  • Distance between SATA / 4-pin Molex: 150/145mm
  • In-cable capacitors: No
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 150 mm x 85 mm x 140mm
  • Weight: 1.7 kg (3.75 lb)
  • Warranty: ten years
  • Street price (excluding VAT): $229

Power Specifications

Rail 3.3V 5V 12V 5VSB -12V
Max. Power Amps 20 20 108 3 0.3
Watts 120 1296 15 3.6
Total Max. Power (W) 1300
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