NVIDIA Already used 12V-2×6, Before it is Final!

I have already posted an article about replacing the 12VHPWR connector with a new one called 12V-2×6. Recently we discovered that before this new connector is final, NVIDIA and some other brands, including MSI and ASUS, already use it in their products!

For me, this is insane! To use a non-finalized, the corresponding specification is not final yet, connector in widely available products. This way, you “promote” the product owners using the new connector to beta testers. You should only use well-tested components for which the specification is final! It is irresponsible, to say the least, to use connectors on both GPUs and CPUs before the corresponding specification is out!

I guess most brands wanted something to replace 12VHPWR as fast as possible, but rushing things started all problems in the first place.


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5 thoughts on “NVIDIA Already used 12V-2×6, Before it is Final!

  1. I wouldn’t really call it irresponsible, considering it’s within spec of the original 12vhwpwr, and in fact exceeds the spec.

  2. The MSI Ai1000p link is sending you too the don’t PSU, does that matter for you getting your affiliate contribution?

    Also since the this MSI ai1000p PSU has the 12vhwpwr, but also has 6 PCIe connections does that mean this is a good choice with the 12×6 connector change?

    1. If the product is not available in your region, Amazon’s one link sends you to a “similar” product. Of course I care about affiliates 🙂 This is a major income source for me.
      Yes, MSI could use them for the new cable.

      1. Thank you so much I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep my MSI ai1000p because of the 12vhpwr connector even though it has 6 other PCIe connectors on tht PSU!

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