AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT & RX 7700 XT Performance, Power Analysis & Noise Output

Equipment Used

I use a Class 1 Bruel & Kjaer 2270 G4 sound analyzer equipped with a Type 4955a microphone with a dBA-weighted dynamic range of below 6 dBA and up to 110 dBA. All tests are conducted inside a hemi-anechoic chamber with close to 6 dBA noise floor and at 25–28 °C ambient. The test subject is placed a meter from the sound analyzer.

Operating Noise – Fan Full Speed, 75% & 50%

Operating Noise – Idle, Multimedia, Rendering, Gaming & Furmark

Frequency Plots – RX 7800 XT

Noise in the 400Hz – 2KHz region increases during the benchmark’s duration. In the game’s menu, the 400Hz frequency is the dominant.

Frequency Plots – RX 7700 XT

Again, 400Hz is the dominant frequency, with 2500Hz following. During the game benchmark, the RX 7700 XT is less noisy than the RX 7800 XT by a significant difference.

Signal Recordings – RX 7800 XT / RX 7700 XT

I have recorded the noise of the graphics cards while running the Shadow of the Tomb Raider benchmark at QHD, but please keep in mind that I’ve enabled Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to do so to make it easier for you to reproduce them. The provided recordings are only offered for aural identification purposes.



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2 thoughts on “AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT & RX 7700 XT Performance, Power Analysis & Noise Output

  1. Üdvözlet!
    Szeretném megkérdezni , hogy az Escape from Tarkov játékhoz milyen beállítást javasolna. Smart acces vagy Resizable is szóba jöhet.

    1. GPU
      AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT

      13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-13700KF
      16 Cores

      16368 MB
      GDDR6 2438 MHz

      32 GB

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