Taipei, Taiwan – 29th March 2024 – XPG launched multiple products for the discerning gamer on a budget today. In hopes of fulfilling the needs of PC builders of all levels, XPG has delivered a new line of entry-level Gold efficiency power supply units and ARGB PWM fans. With the new XPG CORE REACTOR II VE and XPG VENTO PWM fans, upgrading your system has never been easier.


While it is always a challenge to balance cost and performance, XPG always puts the needs of end users first. Although the CORE REACTOR II VE is being sold as a Value Edition product, the specs on this PSU are anything but cheap. Inspired by the award-winning CORE REACTOR II design, using XPG’s exclusive PSU topology, this power supply still delivers performance that surpasses Intel ATX 3.1 standards. Between the Gold efficiency, DC-DC circuit design, and the dedicated 12V-2×6 connector, this power supply unit is perfect for your modern gaming needs. With 650W, 750W, and 850W models available, XPG CORE REACTOR II VE is the perfect foundation for a current-gen build.


XPG’s stock fans have now been upgraded with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) support. As the demand for software support in all things PC DIY grows, XPG continues to expand its compatible offerings from high-end products down to the entry-level end of its portfolio. With the new VENTO 120 ARGB PWM and VENTO R 120 ARGB PWM, all your fan needs can easily be met without breaking the bank. With a combination of regular and reverse VENTO 120 ARGB PWM fans, you can tailor your airflow to the exact needs of your build and gaming environment. With daisy-chain compatibility, it’s easy to synchronize the RGB lighting across all your fans in just a few clicks. Use any major motherboard brand RGB software, or try XPG’s own PRIME ecosystem management software to perfectly manage your lighting and fan performance with all your VENTO ARGB PWM fans when connecting them to XPG PRIME BOX.


While these new products from XPG are compatible with a wide range of chassis options from basically every brand in the market, they go best with the cases they were built around. Something like the iF design award-winning and media-acclaimed XPG INVADER X mid-tower chassis would be the perfect way to display the vibrant synchronized lighting of your new VENTO 120 R ARGB PWM fans with its bezel-less tempered glass front and side panels. Meanwhile, the integrated wiring channel and pre-installed cable straps make managing the cables from your CORE REACTOR II VE a breeze.

By expanding their entry-level product offerings, XPG is empowering more gamers and creators to build setups they can be proud of, inside and out, and they can do so with money left over to actually buy some games.

For more product information about the CORE REACTOR II VE PSU, please click HERE.

For more product information about the VENTO 120 ARGB PWM Fan, please click HERE, and for the VENTO R 120 ARGB PWM Fan, please click HERE.

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