Sabrent Rocket V90 SD UHS-II Memory Card Review – Speed Demon!


The Sabrent Rocket V60 was the fasted SD card I reviewed till I got my hands on the V90. The significant differences are in write speeds, where the V90 SD card easily takes the lead. There are two issues, though, with the V90 product. The first is the very high asking price, which sky-rockets the cost per GB ratio at 1.49, while the V60 with 1TB capacity is at 0.72.

The second problem I spotted greatly troubled me was the low IOPS performance. IOPS represents input/output operations per second and measures how many reads and writes an SSD can handle per second. The higher the IOPS, the better. However, I noticed that the Rocket V90 registered a much lower performance than the Rocket V60, losing even to the inexpensive Lexar PLAY I included in the graph. I decided to run the same test in another test system, and the results were identical, so somehow, the V90’s controller has a problem keeping up when a large amount of small files is written on the card.


Buy Lexar PLAY 256GB


Buy SABRENT Rocket V60


Buy SABRENT Rocket V90


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  • Up to 512GB capacities
  • High overall performance
  • Expensive
  • Low IOPS
  • Lower warranty (2 years) than the less expensive V60 (3 years) [with registration]


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