SSDs have been on the game for a while now. HDDs are still in use, but as SSDs become more and more affordable, they are losing ground in the consumer market. This is not the first time something has steadily been replaced with a newer and improved product. This is the case with SSDs. SATA SSDs are still on the spot, but PCIe NVMe SSDs are still the best option if you seek top performance. As their prices drop, the more attractive they tend to be. Moreover, with M.2 SSDs, we solved the cable headache. This article will include the best available NVMe SSDs for all budgets. If you are interested in the 2,5″ SATA SSDs segment, you can also read the article below:


In this list, we suggest the best available options. Performance is all that matters.

Samsung 990 Pro

Samsung is a major player in the SSD market, offering some of the best products. 990 Pro is one of them. If you want one of the top performers, this bad boy will easily do the job.


  • Top performance
  • Durability
  • Good thermal performance


  • High price while the competition is as good
  • 4K performance could have been better


Western Digital Black SN850X

Western Digital has been a strong contender in the storage market for a long time. SN850X is one of the best NVMe SSDs in the market. If you find it at a reasonable price and you don’t like Samsung’s SSD oligarchy, this is all you can ask for.


  • Top performance
  • Improved thermal performance than SN850
  • SLC cache that is on the spot


  • MSRP, but usually costs less than the Samsung 990 Pro

Crucial T705

Crucial T705 is an absolute beast on the NVMe field. It outperforms most of the competition, but excessive heat is its major disadvantage.


  • Top-tier performance
  • Supports DirectStorage
  • PCIe 5.0


  • High price
  • Heat dissipation is stiff


This list suggests some other competitive SSDs you could still buy, especially if you find them reasonably priced.

Crucial T700 Pro

T700 Pro could have been easy in the BEST OVERALL segment. However, some caveats keep it from the top of this list. Still, it is a top option.


  • PCIe 5.0
  • Read/Write speeds
  • DirectStorage support


  • Sky-high price
  • Early-adoption comes at a price

Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus

Sabrent is one of the most decent brands when it comes to storage solutions of any kind. Rocket 4 Plus is an excellent example of this. For what it is worth, it meets the competition eye-to-eye.


  • TLC NAND available options
  • High performance


  • Quite pricey
  • Performance under some usage scenarios considering the competition

Kingston KC3000

KC3000 was among the top performers for a while. It is still among the best players, but the competition is stiff. Depending on the price, it might be a solid choice.


  • High overall performance
  • High endurance ratings


  • Quite pricey
  • Power hungry
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