Real Capacitor Testing! Methodology & Teapo vs. Chemi-Con!

Methodology & First Results: Teapo vs. Chemi-Con

The first test was to get some experience and see what was happening, so we only blew up a small Teapo capacitor. For the second test, we followed a detailed methodology described below.

We first warm the capacitor for five minutes at its maximum voltage rating. After this period ends, we start overvolting the capacitor with 20% steps and for five-minute periods. We try to keep an ambient temperature of 25C (+-2) in our tests. At some point, we will use our climate chamber for these measurements.

16V Max Rated Capacitor Testing Plan.

  • 16V      – 5 Minutes (Warm-up)
  • 19.2V  – 5 Minutes
  • 22.4V  – 5 Minutes
  • 25.6V  – 5 Minutes
  • 28.8V  – 5 Minutes
  • 32V      – 5 Minutes
  • 35.2V  – 5 Minutes

We don’t take into account the warm-up period. Starting from the 120% voltage rating, we measure the time the cap stays alive. By comparing each capacitor’s operational time, we can easily determine the best and by what degree!

Brand Series Voltage Rating Capacity Max Applied Voltage Level Time (Sec) Performance Rating*
Teapo SC 16V 3300uF 28.8V 932 76.64%
Chemi-Con W 16V 3300uF 32V 1216 100%

*The best cap is used as a reference: 100% performance rating

According to the test results, the Chemi-Con W cap achieved a 23.36% longer lifetime in our tests, proving it is of higher quality than the Teapo SC series. The dielectric quality plays a major role in a capacitor’s lifetime and performance. The dielectric material’s quality and reliability influence the capacitor’s overall reliability and lifespan. High-quality dielectrics are engineered to withstand various environmental conditions and maintain their properties over time.



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  1. I know that the Chemicon W series is a custom specification. I would like to see a comparison between similar specifications like TEAPO SC and Chemicon KZE.

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