Cooler Master V1300 SFX Platinum – The STRONGEST SFX PSU!


The Cooler Master V1300 SFX is basically a V1100 SFX unit with only 200-240V input support. Thanks to its SFX form factor and the enormous capacity of 1300W, it takes the lead in power density among all desktop PSUs available in today’s market. If you need a mini, only in dimensions, power factory to feed your RTX 4090, and a highly overclocked CPU, the V1300 SFX won’t let you down since it comes with a native 12VHPWR connector and on top of that, it meets the tough ATX v3.0 transient response tests for units with this connector. In other words, it can deliver up to 2600W for ultra-short periods (0.1ms).

The build quality is high, and the bundle is rich, including an SFX to ATX adapter bracket, allowing you to install the PSU into a normal ATX chassis, as long as the short cables don’t create any compatibility problems. If you ask me, this adapter is not so useful for most SFX units because of the short cables. It should be better if it was sold as a kit, along with longer cables.

Another asset of the V1300 SFX is the not noisy operation. I expected a sky-high average noise output reading, but once I got the test results, I noticed that it barely exceeds 30 dBA, making this unit one of the quietest SFX models available. So you got high power and a quiet enough operation. So far, I didn’t spot the V1100 and V1300 SFX units in any online store, and once they become available, don’t expect them to be affordable. Cooler Master’s MSRPs are $310 and $330 for the abovementioned models. They have pretty stiff prices, but when you need the highest possible power density, you have to pay for it. If you don’t need so much power but still want ATX v3.0 compatibility, look at the SilverStone Extreme 850R Platinum, which achieves good performance and has a silent operation. There is also the excellent Corsair SF750, which hasn’t been updated yet, though, to meet the ATX v3.0 requirements.




  • Full power at 47°C
  • Super high power density
  • SFX12V 4.0 (equivalent to ATX v3.0) and PCIe 5.0 ready
  • 600W 12VHPWR connector
  • Among the few PSUs with fan failure protection
  • Highly efficient with 230V input
  • Low average noise output (31.16 dBA)
  • Top build quality
  • Properly set OPP and OCP (except 3.3V at high temperatures)
  • Tight load regulation at 12V and 5VSB
  • Low inrush current with 230V
  • ALPM support
  • FDB fan
  • Fully modular
  • It comes with an SFX to ATX bracket adapter
  • 10-year warranty
  • APFC converter needs tuning
  • Increased ripple at 12V at full load
  • Short hold-up time
  • Not tight load regulation on the minor rails
  • Transient response at 5V

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