Windows Update caused RRAS and VPN issues

Most of us, when we hear about Windows Updates, think about… Security patches, enhanced features, super improvements… Ok, let’s be honest. No, of course, we don’t think about these. We are thinking: “Oh, my God, what will I have to face?” or “Should I really hit that button?”. There is a good reason for this. Windows Updates are sometimes problematic. Maybe not so frequently nowadays, but still, they might have issues. Sometimes more than they solve.

Indeed, it is difficult for such a popular OS to be compatible with every Windows device. But they have to be. Ok, we don’t help them when we disable Telemetry MS Spyware to improve their services. So, we are part of the problem. Jokes aside, Windows always had and unfortunately will always have issues. It is just natural, someone might say. And Windows Update is a gateway to this mess.

This is the case with newer Windows Updates, which caused RRAS and VPN issues. Latest Windows June’s Updates caused problems even when a Server is trying to establish an Internet connection. The biggest problem is detected when administrators use RRAS or VPN services.

Routing and Remote Access Service offers enhanced routing and TCP connectivity capabilities when using VPN services. As Microsoft stated, the latest June Updates cause these issues with RRAS and remote connections. For now, the best solution is to delete or disable these Updates or disable NAT on RRAS Servers. There are also reports of connectivity issues with WiFi connections and HotSpots. Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and Server Editions are affected by the problematic June Updates. The scheduled optional updates appear to solve the issues mentioned above, but users might have to wait until July’s Updates.

So, once again, we have to face Windows Update issues. Nothing new or even the last time we will see things like these. This world isn’t perfect, so how can we expect an OS to be?

Anyway, I hope you all be well and until the next Windows Upd… Error 404. Page not found.

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