Powenetics User’s Manual

The first Powenetics kits have been already delivered to their owners, during Computex 2023, so it is high time to write a proper user’s manual for the power measurements board! 

There is already a review of the Powenetics v2, but since this article is an online manual, I will repeat some stuff. We will update the article as we include more features in the system and its features.

You will find the newest Powenetics app here. There is no installer, so just copy the rar file somewhere and unpack the files.

So let’s take it from the start. What is the Powenetics system?

Powenetics is a Power Measurements Device (PMD) with 13 sensors in total, allowing you to take CPU, GPU, and mainboard power measurements in real-time, with up to 1000 readings per second on all of its sensors, both voltage, and amperage. The resolution is 1mV for Voltage and 5mA for Amperage.

The Powenetics v2 has the following sockets/cables

  • ATX 24pin
  • ATX 10pin (12VO)
  • 3x EPS
  • 3x PCIe 6+2
  • 2x PCIe 12+4
  • 1x Proprierty 4-pin for connection with the PCIe expansion card

The 12VHPWR connectors can handle up to 60A sustained and up to 150A power spikes of up to 1 ms to cover the PCIe 5.0 transient response scenarios. Moreover, the Powenetics board can receive firmware upgrades, and most important of all, you can conduct current and Voltage calibration on all of its inputs if you have the corresponding equipment.

Technical Specifications:
  • Brand Name: Cybenetics
  • Model Name: Powenetics V2
  • Manufacturer: CWT
  • Number of sensors: 13x
  • Maximum readings per sec  on all sensors: 1000 +- 50
  • Number of ATX12V/ATX12VO sockets: 1/ 1
  • Number of EPS sockets: 3
  • Number of PCie 6+2 sockets: 3
  • Number of 12VHPWR sockets: 2
  • Connection: USB Type-B
  • Dimensions (W x D): 335 mm x 80 mm
  • Price (excluding VAT): 975€
  • Warranty: only against DOA
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