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The Silent Hill 2 remake combat trailer has been released, but…

Silent Hill 2 remake is one of the most anticipated titles that survival horror gamers are waiting for (and worrying about). After so many years of silence for a Silent Hill game, the survival horror community was rewarded. But that came at a cost. The trailers of the upcoming games were promising but still controversial. The question marks were too many. The Silent Hill: Ascension problematic release didn’t help, either. Silent Hill’s notorious mist covers our community. And the minimum info, trailers, and reveals by the Bloober Team are somewhat tricky.

Following the official remake’s trailer, the combat one has been released. That didn’t go smoothly, unfortunately. The fans were a bit disappointed. I think it was decent, considering it was just a trailer. I wouldn’t expect something more or less, and I wasn’t disappointed (yet). The audience focused on the modernized combat of the main protagonist, James Sunderland. It seems like the spirit of the game was lost. Silent Hill is mainly a psychological horror title, not a “punch for your life” game. And the trailer was focused on that. But I mean, come on. It was a COMBAT trailer; what should we have expected?

This “trend” didn’t go unnoticed by the developing studio. Piotr Babieno, president of the Bloober Team, commented about the trailer in question in a now-private interview at He somehow portrayed Konami as mainly responsible for the trailer. “Seriously, it’s not us who are responsible for the marketing side,” he quoted among others, “That’s our partner’s responsibility.” “It’s not the spirit of what used to be or what we’re creating now,” Babieno added. “We’re trying to fully capture this romantic vision of a game that debuted 22 years ago. It seems to us that when players see real gameplay, a real game, they will judge it in a completely different way.”

I can’t clearly understand what Babieno means by what is quoted above. But I have to stress enough this: Silent Hill 2 was the best of the franchise, according to many fans, and one of the top of its kind of all time. In my list is the number one game of all time. So, it is only natural to expect way more than they might be able to deliver. We are not expecting much from Konami; it disappointed us quite a few times.

So, Bloober Team, if it means anything, you have my support. I hope that you will be able to deliver us a remake comparable to the original. We have been waiting too long for a Silent Hill game and we should be rewarded. You have a daunting task ahead of you. I hope for the best. Otherwise, the mysterious occult town’s notorious sirens will sound again, and that can’t be good news. So, try your best.

Until the game’s official release, we, as fans, can’t do much. We can only revive the myth by playing or watching the franchise’s gameplay. Moreover, we can watch several unofficial videos regarding Silent Hill’s legend. One of my favorites is the one by Alexandros Darky’s YouTube channel (DarkSight Studio). It is worth your attention. And keep the Silent Hill flame alive until James Sunderland makes his peace once again with the skeletons in his closet. The mist is coming, and we all shall be prepared. JimCKD, out.

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