BenQ IdeaCam S1 Pro USB Webcam & Magnifying Glass Review

Operation & Shooting Modes

The camera’s screen is wide and therefore has a wide angle. However, if it misses a spot on your desk, you can either tilt the camera to have a desk view or pick up the camera and show it on your own since it is easy to switch between different shooting modes. Mind that the camera does not have gimbal features, ensuring a steady hand while shooting. Other options are available as aforementioned which are summarized below.

  • Hand Held Mode – Mind that this mode has no gimbal features. The camera can easily be removed from the monitor by lifting it off the monitor stand since a weak magnet holds onto it.
  • Desk View Mode– The camera can tilt 90 degrees downward since it has a tilt sensor. The image inverts automatically to the viewer.
  • Smart Auto Focus and Brightness – It provides crystal clear viewing as you switch between different angles and shooting modes.

Suppose you do not want the camera in operation; a magnetic shade gives you privacy and ease of mind. Yet, if you lose it, unplug the USB cable from your device. The ideaCam S1 Pro is straightforward since you cannot download an app. There are some applications, other than the official one, that you may use the ideaCam with. Still, if you own the Puck, you should operate the camera through its original website page and the EnSpire application to exploit its capabilities thoroughly. The camera offers high image quality with its 8M Sony sensor and can record at a Max resolution of 3264x2448px at 30fps and Auto Exposure, as seen in the depictions below.

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