SilverStone Shark Force 120 ARGB Fan Review


The SilverStone Shark Force 120 ARGB is a good performance fan, achieving high enough airflow and decent airflow, but its “shark” fins don’t help in noise output, and this is clearly shown in the normalized noise results, where the Shark Force fan is at the lowest places when it comes to RPM. When other fans produce the same noise output at higher speeds, it simply means they have better-designed blades.

The fully modular cable design is an asset, but I prefer a more straightforward daisy chain option, such as the Seasonic MagFlow. ARGB lighting, which increases the number of cables and connectors, complicates the matter of daisy-chaining fans. Unless you follow a sophisticated (and expensive) method like Corsair’s, you don’t have many options. Moreover, I didn’t see any gains in noise output with the “Shark” blades. On the contrary, they seem to increase noise output. SilverStone must closely check the competition to improve the design for lower noise while keeping performance high. Another major downside is the high price of this product, exceeding 32 dollars. Most high-end fans are close to this price range or even lower, so things don’t look so good for the Shark fan. If you don’t care so much about ARGB lighting, you should look at the Phanteks T30-120 and the Super Flower Megacool.


To check all alternative fan offerings, read my Best Cooling Fans article before investing in new cooling solutions. You help me a lot by using my affiliate links, which don’t increase the product’s price. I get a commission from Amazon every time you do it, which can make a difference for me, especially now that I am on my own, working exclusively for my media and not for someone else.




  • High airflow and static pressure at full speed
  • Daisy chain option
  • Wide fan speed control range (240 – 2400 RPM)
  • Fluid dynamic bearing for increased lifetime
  • PWM control
  • ARGB lighting
  • Expensive
  • Increased power consumption
  • The fan blade design doesn’t seem to suppress noise output
  • 1-year warranty


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