SilverStone Shark Force 120 ARGB Fan Review

Normalized Noise Tests

For these tests, I set the fan to speeds with noise output at the following predefined levels: 20/25/30/35/40/45 dBA. I skip the corresponding tests if the fan under the test cannot reach some noise levels. The speeds shown in the graph below are measured with the fan in a clear space inside my hemi-anechoic chamber without any obstacles. I set these speeds on the Longwin machine, but they slightly change because of the variable conditions that the device applies.

20 dBA Noise Output

High enough airflow, but the static pressure is low.

25 dBA Noise Output

Again, decent airflow but low static pressure.

30 dBA Noise Output

The airflow performance improves, but this is not true for static pressure.

35 dBA Noise Output

At high speeds, static pressure closely follows airflow, achieving good performance.

40 dBA Noise Output

The Silverstone fan loses notably to the Phanteks fan at airflow and static pressure.

45 dBA Noise Output

At very high rotational speeds, the Shark Force achieves higher static pressure than the Super Flower Megacool, which is more airflow-focused. As for the Phanteks fan, it achieves much higher static pressure at lower speeds, so there is no need to reach 45 dBA of noise.

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