Lian Li UNI FAN TL LCD 140 Review

Performance – Max & Speed Percentage

Max RPM, CFM, Pressure & Power

The fan’s maximum speed is relatively low, so I don’t expect miracles in airflow. Nonetheless, given its low rotation speed, the fan scores an impressive score in static pressure. Lastly, the power consumption is increased because of the LCD screen.

10 (or 50) – 100% Fan Speed Percentage

Since most fan control ICs don’t apply precisely the percentage of RPM speed that you want (e.g., 50% PWM for a 2000 RPM fan should be 1000 RPM), I used to find the fan’s maximum speed and then dial directly the fan speeds that corresponded to 10%, 20%, and so on of its maximum rated speed. I decided to stop doing that. So from now on, in all of my fan evaluations, I will dial the corresponding PWM value in 10% steps to also check how accurate its fan controller is and for my noise results to align with the airflow and static pressure results from the Longwin apparatus where I don’t use RPM but PWM control for all testing.

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