Quick Tips #24: Enable Windows Dynamic Lighting

Nowadays, PCs and laptops are not what they used to be. They are not only business tools but can even be special devices that anyone can shape as he wants. Since RGB has invaded our homes for quite some time now, the gaming term has been more… colorful, I can say. RGB keyboards, mice, even monitors, and UPSes are “victims” of the new gaming wave. For the industry, it was an opportunity for sky-high prices and, for consumers, a way to customize as they please their rig. But still, there is a big headache. There are too many lights to control.

Until now, there wasn’t an easy way to customize your devices without the appropriate OEM software. Asus, Razer, Corsair, MSI, etc., offer their homebrew solutions, but the problem remains the same: There are too many apps for our RGB devices. Some of them are flirting with the bloatware term as well. But Microsoft is here to save the day. Dynamic Lighting is steadily earning ground as the one-stop to rule them all. Still, manufacturers need to offer support, but it is the first step to perfection. In this Quick Tips article, we will explain how to enable it. Let’s proceed to the main course.


Dynamic Lighting Menu

Show me the way to the rainbow

  • Go to the Windows Start Menu
  • Choose Settings (the gear icon)
  • Select Personalization (brush icon)
  • Choose Dynamic Lighting
  • Select Use Dynamic Lighting on my devices and turn it On (enable)
  • Step to Compatible apps in the foreground always control lighting and turn it On
  • Now you can customize your Dynamic Lighting compatible devices:
  • Background light control to prioritize compatible devices
  • Brightness to adjust the brightness of your DL devices. Reset for all devices will reset them to their default values.
  • Effects for choosing your DL device’s behavior. Reset for all devices if you wish to reset them to their default values.

That’s it! You have now entered the Dynamic Lighting world. Customize your devices the way you want. Although it is far from perfect for now and needs better manufacturer support and optimization, it is still a welcome feature. And don’t forget more RGB, more FPS.

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