The Best Electrolytic Capacitors

This is a database with the best electrolytic capacitors based on actual testing that we conduct in our lab! Not rumors, not speculation, but pure data results to find the best electrolytic capacitors!


You will find all the related theory behind the testing procedure I use and the complete methodology in the article below:

Many thanks for sending me all the capacitors in the photo above for testing. I hope more brands will help me in this new endeavor.

Capacitor Performance Database

Brand Series Voltage Rating (V) Claimed Capacity (uF) Measured Capacity
(uF @ 120 Hz)
Max Applied Voltage Level (V) Time (Sec) Performance (%)* Date
Teapo TB 16 3300 3090 44.8 2448 100 5 April 2024
Teapo TB 16 3300 3080 44.8 2426 99.1 5 April 2024
Elite PF 16 3300 3090 35.2 1560 63.73 15 Feb. 2024
Rubycon ZLH 16 3300 3170 35.2 1549 63.28 6 April 2024
Elite PF 16 3300 3080 35.2 1546 63.15 5 April 2024
Chemi-Con KY 16 3300 3190 32 1422 58.09 15 Feb. 2024
Nichicon HV 16 3300 3100 32 1422 58.09 5 April 2024
Chemi-Con KY 16 3300 3200 32 1300 53.10 13 Feb. 2024
Chemi-Con W (CST) 16 3300 2790 32 1236 50.49 31 March 2023
Chemi-Con W (CST) 16 3300 2780 32 1216 49.67 9 Nov. 2023
Teapo SC 16 3300 3120 28.8 1126 46 13 Feb. 2024
Teapo SC 16 3300 3100 28.8 932 38.07 9 Nov. 2023

*The best cap is used as a reference: 100% performance rating

The Teapo TB series belonged to Jamicon, but since Teapo acquired this brand, it was included in its portfolio. The performance of the TB caps is outstanding, putting to shame high-end caps by respected manufacturers like Chemi-Con, Rubycon, and Nichicon! This was a totally unexpected result! At some point, I wondered whether the cap was getting any voltage because it exceeded 40V without sweating. The second surprise in the table above is the performance that the Elite PF caps registered, taking the lead from capacitors like the Chemi-Con KY and W and the Nichicon HV while matching the performance of the Rubycon ZLH.

Performance Charts


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4 thoughts on “The Best Electrolytic Capacitors

  1. Hello
    I have frequent blackouts in my area and i’m afraid this might cause damage to my PC parts. I have heard people say that consumer grade UPS’ do more harm than good so its better to just stick with a good PSU. Is that true, and what are the factors (like transient response , hold up time etc) of a PSU to consider that will help with frequent black outs.

    1. This is not accurate. I use many consumer-grade PSUs and save the day when something goes wrong. Hold-up time is of the essence, as the capacity of the UPS, and the switch-over time to the battery.

    2. …and there are some consumer grade line-interactive UPS (around €100 mark … depending on the required wattage or hold-up time) with switch-over time around or below 4 ms.
      Though, a good noise profile or abundant protection features can move the price further north of €100 mark…

    3. Make sure that the UPS you get outputs a true sine wave (typically sold as PFC) rather than a stepped sine wave (often sold as AVR.) Modern power supplies with APFC will not play well with stepped sine waves, or if your power supply does not have APFC, you should probably change that.

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