BenQ treVolo U Desktop Dialogue Speaker Review


The products I have tested thus far from the BenQ brand are good build quality, and their applications are user-friendly. The minimal and modern design of the treVolo U wireless speaker matches every working or home desk. Due to its dimensions, it fits nicely onto my 0,80cm (31,5″) desk next to my Mac. I was impressed by the powerful and precise depiction of music and voices the treVolo U produces, as well as the intense bass that the duo driver and bass radiator design deliver. I used it for a 12-hour straight period and in various modes, and its battery dropped to the last bar of the existing three and lasted for several hours the following day. From now on, I can only use my MacBook for listening to music or watching the news with the treVolo U speaker from this point on.

However, I needed an adaptor to charge it through my Mac with its original cable since its charging cable is a USB to Type C one. Fortunately, I have plenty of Type C to Type C cables to switch the original cable. The speaker has a mat coloring surface, which makes it dangerous to slip through your fingers while relocating. Better grasp it with both hands for safety. Its 1-year warranty period is brief and should be at least two years, the minimum period for Europe. Last and most important is the treVolo’s U price tag. 209$ USD is a lot considering the speaker’s size. Nevertheless, one must consider the software this speaker is equipped with, which raises its price. The speaker automatically recognizes the input sound and switches to the appropriate mode every time. The Safe Volume, which detects ambient noise and continually adjusts the volume, is decisive while having a live dialogue. Furthermore, you may use various voice commands and your smartphone’s voice assistant.

From now on, I will use the treVolo U frequently, but I expect BenQ to update the provided software and use English everywhere for all of us who don’t speak Chinese.





  • Good audio quality
  • Crisp and clear vocals
  • Easy to use
  • It can get pretty loud, given its dimensions
  • Stable Bluetooth connection
  • Three sound modes: video learning, live learning, and music
  • Dedicated software
  • Sturdy build quality and minimal design
  • Custom sound profiles are possible through the software
  • Its battery lasts for pretty long (it easily reaches the advertised 12 hours)
  • Not affordable
  • You need an adapter if you plan to connect it to a Type C port
  • Unreliable voice command functions
  • USB is for charging only
  • Only one color option currently (beige with light blue)
  • Warranty could be longer than 1 year



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2 thoughts on “BenQ treVolo U Desktop Dialogue Speaker Review

  1. – Can you use this without Bluetooth?
    – Can you pair this up with other speakers and only use it as a microphone?
    – What happens when you block the camera?

    1. -You may use the provided 3.5mm audio cable instead of Bluetooth connection
      -I haven’t tried this option. I will and get back to you
      -Still works since I use it for my Zoom meetings

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