BenQ treVolo U Desktop Dialogue Speaker Review


You may download for free the treVolo U App to your smartphone. The first time you connect the two devices, you need to select the device through the Bluetooth environment. The first time, you choose the treVolo U 91AF; the second time, you choose the U 91AF device; otherwise, you cannot connect it properly. If the speaker is connected to one device, you must switch off the Bluetooth from the initial device or disconnect the treVolo U speaker to connect it to the second device. There are several settings to help the user achieve a better result, both from listening and speaking point of view.

There are three modes: Music Mode, Video Learning Mode, and Live Learning. The Modes change automatically. You may also add your profiles.

Usage Experience

Even though in the Quick Start Guide, there are two different QRs, the one for the iOS devices kept on leading to Google Play instead of the App Store. Therefore, I downloaded the application after a quick search on Apple’s App Store. With my Android smartphone, the QR code led me straight to the right store and application. There are music themes when turning on/off the device, as well as in other options as well. Furthermore, a female voice announces some adjustments in English.

Regarding the provided software, I couldn’t understand the Chinese texts, and unfortunately, I couldn’t proceed to its update since the language was only in Chinese. Nonetheless, all the other options are in English, and the app is user-friendly. The speaker connects to my MacBook, but there is no compatible software yet for this OS, only for Windows.

You can also use the treVolo U while charging. I had issues with my Android device while trying to connect with the treVolo speaker. Even though the connection was okay through Bluetooth, I couldn’t make the app connect to it, which is weird. Nonetheless, the speaker worked fine even if it couldn’t connect with the app. Once you connect it, it reconnects automatically the following times. It cannot be connected simultaneously with two devices, like the UE Logitech speaker.

The treVolo U speaker has a loud and crystal-clear sound when you play music with an excellent bass for such a small device. I was impressed by its clarity and sound intensity. My desk was vibrating by the speaker’s bass. Security alerts inform you once you wish to exceed a certain level of volume intensity. Of course, I exceeded the limits, and I couldn’t bear how loud the speaker was! I didn’t notice any distortion and will use it for social gatherings now! I can easily compare it with my current favorite speaker from Logitech, the UE Megaboom.

There are three modes to use, depending on the situation. If you wish to listen to music or watch a movie, with Music Mode, you can have a crystal depiction of all sounds. The volume can be adjusted through the connected device, such as your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With Video Learning Mode, the overall volume decreases, enhancing the speaker’s voice. In the Live Learning Mode, almost all other sounds besides the speaker’s voice are removed. The differences among the three modes are explicit and make it easy to choose the mode that suits you better according to specific situations. It would be nice to play if there was an equalizer option, especially in Music Mode, to adjust the sound according to your taste. I have also tried it as a microphone, and it produces crystal audio to the receiver. The voice commands are also handy; however, it takes some time for the treVolo to get used to your voice, which can be annoying.

You may use the voice command while listening to music or a video call by pressing the respective button with the human face from the device or through the app. It would be nice if the device had a grip or an accessory, such as a cavity for a cord to hold it from. The treVolo’s sleek surface troubles me since I am a clumsy person, and it is pretty likely to drop it on the floor while moving it from one place to another as I do with my phones usually. I attended a Zoom seminar, and on the timeouts, I was editing a video. Once the Zoom meeting reset, the treVolo speaker could not switch from the Final Cut to the Zoom meeting, and I had to disconnect the Bluetooth and reconnect it. Zoom meetings occurred with Live Learning, and I didn’t miss a word. It produced a clear sound with its microphone to work optimally according to the listeners.

The charging cable, with its charger Type A, is a USB to Type C, and I had to use an adapter to charge it through my Mac.

Lastly, the product should have a 2-year warranty for the EU, at least. It is sturdy enough, and by having tested more products of this brand, they all seem of good quality to have a more extended warranty period.

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2 thoughts on “BenQ treVolo U Desktop Dialogue Speaker Review

  1. – Can you use this without Bluetooth?
    – Can you pair this up with other speakers and only use it as a microphone?
    – What happens when you block the camera?

    1. -You may use the provided 3.5mm audio cable instead of Bluetooth connection
      -I haven’t tried this option. I will and get back to you
      -Still works since I use it for my Zoom meetings

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