Quick Tips #21: Save your PC from liquid accidents

Coffee or juices, etc., are a vital habit. Coffee is almost necessary for a hard-working day. But accidents could happen. It is not unusual to spill some coffee accidentally. But the worst kind of situation is spilling it on electrical equipment. Especially laptops and PCs. It is one of the most frequent problems. And you know that liquids and electronics are a terrible combination, right? So, what can you do in this unfortunate situation?

Well, a well-trained technician is your best bet. But you can also do something alone to avoid the service cost. I will show you how to handle such problems in the present Quick Tips article. Whether or not you choose to, it is up to you. Still, knowledge is knowledge.

How to

  • Immediately shut down your system. And when I say immediately, I mean it. Even if you take it to a technician, it is the best practice to shut it down immediately. The less liquid is wasted on working electrical components, the better.
  • Do not start it on again. Carefully pull out your components and carefully let them dry out. A dryer or a similar device is not ideal, though (unless you do it exceptionally carefully). And when I say thoroughly and carefully, I mean it. If it is a laptop, you might watch a related YouTube video or an article. Some laptops might be more difficult to disassemble and require more skills; if you can’t, consider a skilled technician to do it. Better safe than sorry.
  • After thoroughly and carefully drying out your equipment, let it dry on its own. Prefer a place with no direct sunlight or one that is too shady. Some people say a few hours would be adequate, but my advice is about 1-3 days, depending on the “damage level.”

That’s it! After following these “golden rules,” your device should be up and running again. If not, not everything is lost. A visit to a highly-trained technician might be your best bet. In any case, you learned a vital lesson. Coffee is good, but not combined with your PC. And as I already stated, knowledge is knowledge. As always, stay safe and stay in the know.

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