Thermaltake Toughpower GF A3 850W PSU Review

Protection Features

OCP (Cold @ 26°C) 12V: 102.2A (144.35%), 12.132V
5V: 26.8A (134%), 5.04V
3.3V: >30A (>150%), <3.311V
5VSB: 4.9A (163.33%), 4.867V
OCP (Hot @ 43°C) 12V: 91.4A (129.1%), 12.161V
5V: 26.6A (133%), 5.04V
3.3V: >30A (>150%), <3.311V
5VSB: 4.7A (156.67%), 4.863V
OPP (Cold @ 27°C) 1176.88W (138.46%)
OPP (Hot @ 40°C) 1049.33W (123.45%)
OTP ✓ (105°C @ 12V Heat Sink)
SCP 12V to Earth: ✓
5V to Earth: ✓
3.3V to Earth: ✓
5VSB to Earth: ✓
-12V to Earth: ✓
PWR_OK Proper operation
Fan Failure Protection
SIP Surge: MOV
Inrush: NTC Thermistor & Bypass relay

OCP is highly set at 12V in cold conditions, but since it drops below 130% at high temperatures, I won’t mark it down as a negative, given the platform’s capabilities. OPP is also close to 140% at low temperatures but drops notably at high temperatures, effectively protecting the PSU. The 5V rail has its OCP triggering point logically set, but this is not the case for the 3.3V rail, which exceeds 30A without triggering!

OTP triggers at a relatively low temperature on the 12V heatsink, but this makes perfect sense since the latter one doesn’t come in direct contact with the 12V FETs. Lastly, all other essential protection features are present.

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