Powenetics V2 – Power Measurements Device – Review


The CapFrameX team was so kind to support our effort by integrating the corresponding code in their software to get FPS and Wattage readings simultaneously from both the GPU and the CPU. I am grateful to the CapFrameX team for supporting our project, and I will do my best in the future to support them in any way I can!

Besides CapFrameX, I will also provide my software destined for the more hard-core users.

The Powenetics board can receive firmware upgrades, and most important of all, you can conduct current and Voltage calibration on all of its inputs if you have the corresponding equipment. I plan on implementing these features in my software.

[29 April Update: I had some spare time so I coded an overlay option to the Powenetics app]

Firmware update process

Restarting PMD after sending the Firmware update command, you can see PMD enumerating to an HID device. Opening PIC32UBL to update the firmware of PMD.

  • Enabling USB HID firmware update function, VID= 0x4D8 / PID=0x3C.
  • Clicking Connect, sometimes you need to restart PMD to make the function work.
  • Loading the hex file of new firmware.
  • Clicking “Erase-Program-Verify” will clear old firmware and load new firmware to MCU.
  • Run Application. Sometimes the function is not working; please restart PMD.

If all steps are OK, you can see the same screen as below.

After the above steps, the PMD should be updated to the new firmware. The calibration value is saved during the process, so you do not need to recalibrate it.

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61 thoughts on “Powenetics V2 – Power Measurements Device – Review

  1. Isn’t a sustained load of 55A on a 12VHPWR connector kinda low considering that there are already graphic cards with OC BIOSes that allow them to draw 1000W?

  2. ola os meus amigos do teclab nos indicou vocês o melhor canal de teste hardware impressionante o trabalho de vocês S2

  3. I came on the recommendation of Ronaldo from the TecLab channel (source of many useful and interesting information).

  4. hello, did you have a corrspending email for contact with, I would like to know the details(including the stuff in v2 kit and procedures, and any others) and assess if it would be a fit for my lab, also how to order(the order page is written in a language Icouldn’t understand), thanks

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