Powenetics V2 – Power Measurements Device – Review

Usage Scenarios

Powenetics can be used in the mainboard, CPU, and GPU reviews, providing complete information on every important aspect.

In these graphs, you can see the data from Powenetics on various CPUs.

Some GPU power consumption graphs. Finding the power spikes is easy, thanks to the 1 ms polling rate.

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61 thoughts on “Powenetics V2 – Power Measurements Device – Review

  1. Isn’t a sustained load of 55A on a 12VHPWR connector kinda low considering that there are already graphic cards with OC BIOSes that allow them to draw 1000W?

  2. ola os meus amigos do teclab nos indicou vocês o melhor canal de teste hardware impressionante o trabalho de vocês S2

  3. I came on the recommendation of Ronaldo from the TecLab channel (source of many useful and interesting information).

  4. hello, did you have a corrspending email for contact with, I would like to know the details(including the stuff in v2 kit and procedures, and any others) and assess if it would be a fit for my lab, also how to order(the order page is written in a language Icouldn’t understand), thanks

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