Gamemax RGB-1050 Pro – 4.5 stars on Amazon!


I had seen some older Gamemax units that weren’t good at all. On the contrary, I was afraid for my well-being while testing them! That said, the Gamemax RGB-1050 Pro is a different story. Although the first sample died randomly at a low load test with only 35C, the second pulled out almost all tests. It couldn’t operate at 110% load for the required period to finish the test properly, which might be good, though, since it means that the platform is effectively protected. Nonetheless, I wasn’t brave enough to evaluate the protection features properly since I could not risk my super expensive equipment when the PSU showed signs that it could not handle these tests. I know you want complete information, but unfortunately, I will be alone if any of my AC sources die. When I tested this unit, I already had one of my AC sources on RMA, waiting several months until it arrived, so I couldn’t risk losing another one.

In any case, the Gamemax RGB-1050 Pro looks to be a decent unit, offering a great deal of features at only 140 dollars, and at the time of the review, there is an extra $15 coupon, lowering the price to $125. The RGB-1050 Pro is definitely an improvement over the older Gamemax units, offering top transient response and meeting even the demanding ATX v3.x transient response requirements. I should also point here that the OEM that makes them, Jiu Meng, also makes several Aresgame models, which are highly popular on Amazon.

I couldn’t help but read some reviews on Amazon, where some users complained about the lack of proper support for Gamemax products. It would be best always to consider the support you will get for a product you are interested in buying. Unfortunately, in most cases, you cannot be 100% sure whether the support will be good until you have first-hand experience. I cannot know if Gamemax’s support is good or not, and I cannot also know how the unknown fan and FETs will age. This is something requiring torture testing for several months or years, which is far beyond the scope of this review.

At some point, I might ask for more Gamemax samples for evaluation and review. And this time, I will be brave enough to run all protection features tests!


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  • Low price
  • Good overall performance
  • Not noisy
  • ATX v3.x and PCIe 5.x ready
  • Terrific transient response at 12V
  • Decent load regulation overall
  • Good enough ripple suppression
  • Efficient enough platform (especially at 115V)
  • Efficient 5VSB rail (115V)
  • High PF readings
  • Higher than 70% efficiency with a 2% load
  • Japanese bulk cap
  • Long hold-up time
  • Long and accurate power ok signal
  • Alternative Low Power Mode (ALPM) compatible
  • Fully modular
  • Enough cables, including a high-power one (12+4 pin, 600W)
  • ARGB lighting with Sync option
  • 5-year warranty
  • It couldn’t finish the 110% load test
  • Mediocre soldering quality
  • Unknown quality fan and FETs
  • Increased standby power, especially at 230V
  • Low 5VSB efficiency (230V)
  • Weak 5VSB rail (2.5A)


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6 thoughts on “Gamemax RGB-1050 Pro – 4.5 stars on Amazon!

  1. It woulb be nice if you can review the top of the line version, their 1300W. At 149$ USD and with the look … many jump on it too with 6,862 review 4.5 Stars.

  2. I should point out that Gamemax has done promotions in the past where they would offer gift cards in exchange for five-star reviews on Amazon, which dampens their credibility somewhat. Also, given that Jiu Meng is the manufacturer behind Aresgame, if this is a sample from the company and not a unit you bought yourself I am doubtful that what a consumer would get would be the same as what is shown here. Regardless, it’s good to see that they are at least capable of making a good PSU. Thanks for the review as always!

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