Cougar GEX X2 850W PSU Review

Protection Features

OCP (Cold @ 26°C) 12V: 85A (120.06%), 11.851V
5V: 26.6A (133%), 4.998V
3.3V: 26.5A (132.5%), 3.313V
5VSB: >7A (>233.33%), <4.987V
OCP (Hot @ 34°C) 12V: 84.8A (119.77%), 11.855V
5V: 26.5A (132.5%), 4.991V
3.3V: 26.7A (133.5%), 3.31V
5VSB: >7A (>233.33%), <4.984V
OPP (Cold @ 27°C) 1092.63W (128.54%)
OPP (Hot @ 37°C) 1092.63W (128.54%)
OTP ✓ (105°C @ 12V Heat Sink)
SCP 12V to Earth: ✓
5V to Earth: ✓
3.3V to Earth: ✓
5VSB to Earth: ✓
-12V to Earth: ✓
PWR_OK Proper operation
SIP Surge: MOV
Inrush: NTC Thermistor & Bypass Relay

The OCP triggering point is set correctly at 12V. It should be lower at high temperatures on the minor rails, 5V and 3.3V. Moreover, the 5VSB rail has OCP set too high, or it doesn’t have any. Over power protection is present, but it should be set lower at high temperatures. Under stressful conditions, the PSU’s protections must generally be tighter.

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