Corsair SF850L SFX-L PSU Review – The BEST SFX-L PSU

Efficiency Normal, Light & Super-Light Loads

The SF850L takes first place in all charts, but the 2% load one, where it achieves second place. This platform is highly efficient.

Average Efficiency

The average efficiency is high, taking the lead at 115V. At 230V, it only loses to the Silverstone SX1000R Platinum.

Average PF

I wanted to see higher PF readings from such a capable platform.

Average Efficiency 5VSB

The 5VSB rail is highly efficient. High-end SFX and SFX-L units utilize modern standby circuits, achieving top performance.

Vampire Power

Vampire power is low.

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6 thoughts on “Corsair SF850L SFX-L PSU Review – The BEST SFX-L PSU

  1. Is the included 12VHPWR cable sufficient/safe for powering an RTX 4090 FE or should a 3×8 cable/adapter still be used? If it is sufficient and totally safe, does the manual specify which ports to use or doesn’t that matter?

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