Corsair SF850L SFX-L PSU Review – The BEST SFX-L PSU

Average Noise

The average noise output is high but still notably lower than the SF1000L.

Fan Noise & Speed Maps @ 28-32 °C

Similarly to the SF1000L, there is no need for such high combined power output on the minor rails, which affects noise output if you stress these rails fully. With more than 90W load on the minor rails, the fan starts to spin regardless of the 12V load. With more than 440W, the unit breaks the 30 dBA mark. At around 490W, it goes above 35 dBA. With 620W, it exceeds 40 dBA. The fan speed profile looks identical to the SF1000L, with only different higher speeds at loads above 850W, which the SF850L doesn’t reach because of its lower capacity. Great Wall should tune the fan speed profile to be less aggressive, given the platform’s high efficiency and the good airflow that the PSU’s chassis and PCB allow.

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2 thoughts on “Corsair SF850L SFX-L PSU Review – The BEST SFX-L PSU

  1. Is the included 12VHPWR cable sufficient/safe for powering an RTX 4090 FE or should a 3×8 cable/adapter still be used? If it is sufficient and totally safe, does the manual specify which ports to use or doesn’t that matter?

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