RDNA3: It’s in the Game

AMD at November 3rd, announced its new RDNA3 Graphics Cards, at its “Together we advance” Livestream. RDNA3 is on its way and Tech community’s reception is positive. Following Nvidia’s RTX 4090 and its “dramatic” release, AMD revealed its top products of its new GPU line, Radeon RX7900XTX and 7900XT. The first one is their top product while the latter is following its big brother. That doesn’t mean, XT isn’t a powerful Card, as well.

RDNA3 is promising to be 54% better than RDNA2, but this is something we should wait to confirm after third party reviews. At this moment, the numbers are impressive. Navi31 has 58 billion transistors and tops 61 TFLOPS in performance. An impressive number, as well. It is on 5nm process node with six memory chiplets 6nm node. This is AMD’s first Chiplet on the Consumer’s side. 7900XTX and XT are expected to launch at December 13th, of this year. For now, these are the Cards that would be available with AMD’s new Architecture. Although there are rumours of a 7950XT model. Still is just a rumour.

One of the most memorable things that were announced, is about XTX’s DisplayPort 2.1 support. This little beast can go up to 8K 165Hz or 4K 480Hz. According to Team Red, at least. Moreover FSR 3.0 is on its way to compete Nvidia’s DLSS 3.0, man to man.

But what do we know about AMD’s newer Graphics Cards?

RDNA3 moment

7900XTX and 7900XT at a glance

Radeon RX7900XTX:

  • Navi 31 GPU, 12288 Stream Processors
  • DisplayPort 2.1 Support
  • Base Clock: 1.9 Ghz
  • Game Clock: 2.3 Ghz
  • Boost up to 2.5 Ghz
  • 24Gb GDDR6 Memory, 384-bit bus, 960 GB/s bandwidth
  • Effective Bandwidth: 3.5 TB/s
  • Infinity Cache: 96MB
  • Better Ray Tracing Support (comparing to RDNA2)
  • No PCIe 5.0 support
  • TDP: 355W
  • MSRP: $999
  • Release Date: 13/12/2022

Radeon RX7900XT:

  • Navi 31 GPU, 10752 Cores
  • Base Clock: 1.5 Ghz
  • Game Clock: 2 Ghz
  • Boost up to 2.4 Ghz
  • 20Gb GDDR6 Memory, 320-bit bus, 800 GB/s bandwidth
  • Effective Bandwidth: 2.9 TB/s
  • Infinity Cache: 80MB
  • Better Ray Tracing Support (comparing to RDNA2)
  • No PCIe 5.0 support
  • TDP: 300W
  • MSRP: $899
  • Release Date: 13/12/2022

Final Thoughts

AMD RDNA3 Cards are almost here. Navi 31 is the name we should remember well. Although Team Red doesn’t seem to compete Nvidia’s flagship, looks promising enough to go head to head, with the “original” RTX 4080. And in a tempting price tag, as well. AMD with its new Architecture threatens Nvidia’s GPU Monarchy. We shouldn’t forget that there is also, Intel as the third player in the GPU Market, but for now is behind the competition. The GPU future looks promising.

As always, I would like to learn your opinion about AMD’s latest announcement. Feel free to write us in the comments section or in our Forum.

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