Nvidia investigates the “Melting” issue

Nvidia 4090 is, at the moment, the best Graphics Card. But unfortunately, became viral for the wrong reasons. Some users (including Reddit ones) reported that their native Founders Edition adapter melted, even causing damage to the connector of the Card. Nvidia took action and further investigates the reported issues.

Eversince the issue became known, many reviewers including Gamers Nexus, Igor’s Lab, Hardware Busters, JayzTwocents tried to recreate and find out what might be the possible cause. According to crmaris of HardwareBusters this might be related to bad plugging by the user. Igor of Igor’s Lab, after his personal investigation, seems to believe that the problem is Nvidia’s adapter itself.

Many reviewers and techies, believe that sideways bending might be the possible cause. Crmaris tried to bend the worst possible way the adapter and didn’t find any noticeable difference that might be related to the reported melting. But unfortunately, being out of Nvidia’s sample list, didn’t have the chance to test the FE adapter. Nvidia should add more experts to its list. This way would possibly be saved from future issues, like these. Just my suggestion, though.

So, what is the cause of this issue? Noone really knows for sure, yet. Is it the sideways bending? The poor quality of Nvidia’s adapter? Maybe the user is the real factor? Might be all of them combined? And if any of them is the cause, why anything wasn’t reported for the 3090ti FE, which includes the same adapter?

This is bad news, unfortunately.

Personally, I am not a fan of the adapters. So, I believe that might be a factor, but perhaps not the cause. On the other hand, bad installment by a user might cause all kind of problems. But honestly, I don’t know if this is the answer, either. Should we blame Nvidia for a bad product? No, I don’t think this is the right answer. The best solution for now, seems to buy an ATX3.0/PCIe 5.0 compatible PSU. This should be the wisest thing you could do, at this moment. But there are not many PSUs available, for now. So, we still can’t solve this, the easy way. All we have to do then, is waiting for the answer, after further investigation. Bending, adapting or not, sooner or later, we would learn about the cause of this problem.

Until then, I would like to hear what is your opinion, for this matter. Do you think any of these, that stated these days, might be true? Is there something else we have to look for? Please, write your thoughts freely, in the comment section or visit our Forum.

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5 thoughts on “Nvidia investigates the “Melting” issue

  1. After hearing all those reports (I’m just a regular user ,so I can’t speak with expertise ,only by logic) here are my remarks:
    1)IF these claims about burnt-cables are true , then why the RTX3090Ti didn’t face similar issues ? It’s a GPU with much higher/sustained loads than the RTX4090 , unless … the RTX3090Ti used a different quality 12pin cable( I think I saw a comment from someone claiming that they have different build quality but I can’t tell if this is accurate ) .
    2)To me –especially if my statement 1) is accurate – , the most logical reason is user error while connecting the cable. I think I’ve read that the layout of these 12pin cables need more attention compared to the previous 6+2 ones while you connect them ,because they need more force while you plug them to the GPU, so there could be a loose connection
    3)Gamer’s Nexus reported that his own cables have different internal design regarding to the pin-structure they tested Vs the ones that Igor’s Lab reported and that Gamer’s Nexus cables are working perfectly , sooo this is a matter that Nvidia needs to clear-up with a statement.

    1. What u write, makes sense. Since not even Nvidia cleared the air about what is going on, we all wait. Still 4090 remains the best card, atm. But we will always remember it as a Card with melting issues. Not fair. 🙂

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