Microsoft Doesn’t Know Its Own Phone Number

Microsoft is undoubtedly a tech giant with significant influence in the tech market. It is a multi-billion-dollar company and one of the pillars of the U.S. economy. Its impact is so substantial that the PC segment would have been much different without its main products, Windows and Office. Although I love Linux and am a user of MacOS and ChromeOS as well, Windows is still my first choice (sorry, Linux Community). Windows might have disadvantages and caveats, but it is still a versatile OS. Microsoft Office, on the other hand, is still the best office suite, although a typical user would be covered by alternative free options such as LibreOffice, etc.

But unfortunately, Microsoft is far from perfect. If you ever need its support, you will understand the real deal, especially regarding refunds. Crmaris has a comprehensive video with his own bad experience with Microsoft Support. And did anyone try to cancel a Microsoft/Xbox subscription? Well, good luck with it. You will need it. Every company has its wrong side, though. But when you are a commercial one, you ought to be better and more up-to-date, especially in support of your customers. For those who needed Microsoft Support, I don’t think they were too pleased with their assistance (phone or online). But here comes the core topic of this article. The Devil (should I say the De-Bill?) is in the details.


The toll phone number has been inaccurate for years.

Since its early days, Windows has needed a product key to be activated. Later versions of Windows are activated online, but the phone option is still available. And here comes the actual nightmare for Greek customers for years. The toll phone provided by Windows for activation is wrong, thus making it frustrating. If you try to call the provided number, you will be told that the dialed number doesn’t exist. And this has been going on for years. This article was written so that Microsoft could take the necessary actions and fix it. It is about time. I am not aware of whether this is the situation for other regions. If it is the same for other countries, please inform us.

Anyway, for Greek Windows users, the proper phone number is 2111206500 if you ever need to activate your product via phone (and this covers activation issues). I hope Microsoft will take care of this mess shortly. It is necessary, after all. By offering a commercial product, you should provide accurate, essential information. So, hopefully, it will be dealt with as soon as possible. I hope, at least.


Bonus: Please replace the highlighted Greek word “θα” with the correct one, “να” in the Greek version of Microsoft Edge’s “delete browsing history.”

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