How to restore Dislikes in Youtube

Youtube is one of the most popular platforms of our times. It hosts millions of millions of videos and has a wide variety of them. Almost everyone of us use it daily, and has at least a favourite Content Creator. It is the Service which made up the term Youtuber and a lot of Creators make a decent amount of money with their videos. Stars and Superstars are rumored to earn a respected living.

Youtube quite recently removed dislikes counter. It stated that this was done in order to help Creators. Somehow, the Platform believes not shown dislikes publicly, helps them. Until now, a lot of us doubt, if that really helps. Google doesn’t seem to plan restoring the counter. But fortunately, there is a way to see the dislikes counter, without extra hassle.

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How to restore dislikes counter

The procedure is really easy. So easy, as installing a Browser extension. All you have to do is to visit your Browsers extensions store or the api’s official page. It is available for almost all major popular Browsers. Return Youtube Dislike, as its name is, is a quite popular extension. But, like all the extensions, you should consider some things, before installing it.

Things to consider

First of all, the extension isn’t accurate, at least in all scenarios. So, you shouldn’t trust it for its accuracy. Mostly is just a tool and not an important one. Moreover, you should be aware of that it uses a collection of data, in order to help it improving. At least, as is stated officialy by the developing team. Data Collection isn’t always a nice feature, as you may know. Also, as an extension it modifies our Browser’s settings and unfortunately it may has their own flaws, as well. And lastly, there is one more thing to consider. Do you really care about dislikes counter?

Chrome’s Extension


Return Youtube Dislike seems a promising and interesting extension to check. But it comes with its own caveats. Still is an easy way to see dislikes counter, if you care so. As always leave your thoughts or comments in the comment section or our Forum.

What is your opinion about this extension? Have you ever used it? Do you find it interesting? Are you aware of another way to check dislikes? Is it really important for you, to know how many dislikes does your favourite Creator has?

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