AMD listed two new “Zen3+” APUs

The codenamed “Rembrandt“, AMD Ryzen 5 7235H and its little brother 7235HS, are now listed on AMD’s official website.

Although there hasn’t been an official launch of these APUs, AMD has listed them on its site, meaning they will soon be available. The Ryzen 5 7235H is an unlocked 4-core/8-thread APU with a base clock of 3.2 GHz (4.2 GHz max boost clock) and a 45W TDP. It seems the H variant is targeting the high-end laptop category. Its little brother, The Ryzen 5 7235 HS, is almost the same APU targeting low-power devices, with similar specs on paper, but it is not unlocked for overclocking. Regarding this, there is no reason for overclocking for their intended purposes, but facts are facts.

The newer offers of Team Red are compatible with desktop and mobile platforms. This is a welcome change since the previous Zen3+ architecture was bound to the mobile series (Ryzen 6000 and 7035 SEs). The core reason for this change is that the newer APUs will also be featured in mini-PCs.

The industry-leading giant’s latest listings do not clearly indicate its intentions. We can only guess the reason, but we can’t be sure. Perhaps the main reason is that AMD wants to enrich its quite successful Zen3+ platform. There is no official information about pricing and the release date yet, but we expect it to be revealed shortly. So, stay tuned on our site.

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