Nvidia RTX4000: DLSS3.0 and memes

Just a few days after EVGA‘s official breakup with Nvidia, the GPU Titan unveiled their new line of Graphics Cards. Actually, the new line-up seems exciting. More information are officially given publicly for their top products, 4090 and 4080. There are also many information and rumours, about the rest of the products. But a lot might change until their official launch. So, I will focus on the 4090 and 4080. For the rest, as soon as there are more info, I will update you in coming articles.

4090 is said to be 2-4x faster than its predecessor and the same goes for 4080. Really impressive. 4090 seems very powerful in comparison with their current top product, 3090ti. Also is more power hungry, though. Good news is that 4090 and probably all 4000 series cards, would be compatible with the current line of PSUs. You can read our article here, for more info. Interesting is the fact that, 4080, is said to be less power hungry than its predecessors. This is quite promising and reveals that Nvidia made a major step to more efficient products.

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4090 will be a beast, with 24gb of GDDR6X memory, based on their new architecture, Ada Lovelace. That means TSMC’s 4nm process node, 3rd Generation RT Cores and 4th Generation Tensor Cores. It is promised for improved Ray Tracing and DLSS3.0 would be available. The new Lovelace architecture includes 76 billion transistors which is a lot more than its predecessor’s 28 billion. That might means a lot of heat, but combining with the 4nm node, improved efficiency, also. Lately, there are many videos and memes about 4090’s size. And not without a good reason. The GPU beast is a sized beast, unfortunately. Feel sorry for the Motherboard, already.

Source: notebookcheck

4090 would be the first RTX4000 series Card, that would be, available first. The official lanch is expected to be at October 10, followed by 4080 at November. Their MSRP is about 1599$ for 4090, about 1199$ for the 16gb 4080 and 899$ for the 12gb version. If MSRP won’t be just a theory, of course.

But what is your opinion about the new RTX4000 series? Would you buy one? Would you prefer a 3000 series Card, which might cost less? It is said that the prices of RTX4000 won’t drop, if 3000 stock won’t sell out. Do you believe that would be possible?

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