The Witcher 3 Update: WilderPunk Hotfix

One of the hottest titles in the gaming industry recently received a major update. Witcher 3 latest update includes a Netflix Series DLC and 4K support for all major gaming platforms. That sounds cool, right? Considering the issues that the huge, literally over 40GB, update brought, things weren’t smooth. Fans of the series faced so many issues, that made the update a bit disappointing. Many comments were posted on almost every available Social Media platform, mentioning issues that users noticed.

CD Projekt Red responded with a major hotfix to address the issues, that next-gen Update 4.0 brought up. Although no more information about this hotfix was announced officially, Marcin Momot, co-founder and CEO of CDPR has posted on his Twitter account:

A hotfix that should improve the overall stability and performance of the game has just gone live on PC. Please make sure to update your version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and let us know how you’re finding it.

Update size:
STEAM – 3GB update
GOG – 1.9GB update

I heard you received an update…

The aforementioned Hotfix addresses some issues, but users still complaining about glitches and fps drops. WildHunt’s Update might not go as well as it should have but still is an overall major update bringing useful extras and enhancements for the Geralt of Trivia fans. That includes a new combat mode and a Netflix series-based DLC, which is said as a very pleasant surprise. All we could do for now is, wait for a newer hotfix that should improve the popular game’s experience. Until then, we can take a ride with Geralt and join him in his numerous adventures.

At the end of the day, isn’t that, all we ask for?

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