Weird Problems? It might be time to replace CMOS battery

CMOS battery is a crucial part of our system, although we tend to ignore it. It is dirt-cheap, easily replaceable, etc., But a faulty or failing CMOS battery might cause issues we won’t even think it could.

The most recognizable CMOS battery issue is the consistent failure of the correct time and date set. But that’s not all.

Typically, a CMOS battery would last more than five years or even more than ten years. But that heavily depends on how and how much you use your system. I had to change the CMOS battery in less than five years only once. But it was a PC that wasn’t used much and mainly unplugged from a power source.

So, if you face issues, there might be a high chance that your CMOS battery needs replacing.

Issues or signs that might indicate CMOS battery failure

  • The system isn’t used much and has been unplugged from a power source for a long time. If you notice weird boot issues, e.g., auto-reverting back to safe motherboard settings and constant problem booting even after this, it might be time to focus on your CMOS battery.
  • Your system is over five years old and suddenly started having constant boot issues.
  • Peripherals, especially the keyboard, are acting weird or irresponsive.
  • Incorrect time and date.
  • No internet connection because of incorrect time and date.
  • Booting issues or warning motherboard beeps/sounds or LED indicators.
  • Sudden or unexpected issues (that you checked that aren’t related to hardware failure).
  • Hardware or peripheral drivers disappear even if you re-download and re-install them.


As you can see, CMOS battery issues vary, and it might be challenging to indicate why. Although it might not necessarily be a battery issue, it is worth checking out. Sometimes, even a CMOS Reset might be handy if you face weird problems. Officially, a CMOS battery would last around 2 to 5 years, but that heavily depends on various reasons, such as quality, usage, etc.; typically, it lasts much longer. Never underestimate your CMOS power.

As always, stay safe and stay in the know.

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3 thoughts on “Weird Problems? It might be time to replace CMOS battery

      1. People rely on Your recommendations, i also noticed slightly coil whine after disconnected cable from the wall, and second thing also known from dark power 12 rattling, it might be supposed by the system mounting stand off. I can’t afford to buy and take apart a unit, but it’s very interesting.

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