Update on the lab’s move

Thought to provide you with an update on the lab’s move. First of all, I know that I am not so active the last two weeks on both the site and the Hardware Busters YT channels, but we prefer to work double as hard to set up the lab the fastest possible rather than working on anything else. Sorry for this, guys, but setting up the new lab is a priority for many reasons, the most important being Cybenetics.



I made a video of what the lab looked like the first day we moved everything into the new building, and you will quickly figure out that we have a tough time ahead. Nonetheless, we have enough competent members in our team, and they all work hard to arrange everything and clean the space because, at the same time, we are making lots of changes to the building we bought.

Hopefully, I will be able to work on reviews and other stuff next week and proceed with some exciting reviews. The weather here in Cyprus is also crazy, with temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius being a daily routine, and this surely doesn’t help to cope with the increased workload.

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