20 Tech Sites you should definitely visit

Internet is a big jungle. Literally, a big wild jungle. There are so many things to search, find, discover, watch, etc. Especially, if you are a techie there are so many sites, that you might get lost in your daily journey. That’s the reason I decided to offer you my list of Tech Sites to help you with your journey. Some sites are for tech news, others are for hardware reviews while others are sites that could help, if you have any kind of a tech issue. Like my previous articles, which you can find here and here, this list isn’t complete. It is just a reference list that could actually come in handy. Of course, like my previous lists, the order is random. So, take a breath and get ready for our journey.

1. TomsHardware

2. TechPowerUp

3. AnandTech

4. IgorsLab

5. How-ToGeek

6. BleepingComputer

7. TheVerge

8. Wired

9. TechCrunch

10. Rtings

11. TechRadar

12. Guru3D

13. DigitalTrends

14. PCMag

15. CultistsNetwork

16. PCSteps.gr

17. SecNews

18. VideoCardz

19. KitGuru

And of course, last but not least, our site:

20. HardwareBusters


As always this is a list that I wish to help you with. It is not complete. It is my subjective list of useful tech sites that you could refer to, if would like to add or even discover a site that probably never noticed before. But what’s your opinion? Do you believe that I forgot a site from this list or would you like to suggest one or maybe more? Please feel free to suggest your own list or a site in the comments section.

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